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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, Feb 16, 2009.

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    wm is scheduled for yet another diagnostic assessment the day after tomorrow. I remember the last one; wm arguing with the tdocs, telling them he knows how to do it. Telling them they don't know what they are doing. Etc, etc, etc.

    I wonder if we're in for more of the same on Wednesday.
    AND the fact that his father died just recently may affect the outcome of the testing.

    Foster mum & dad will be there, the entire mental health care team for wm will be there, psychiatrist will be there as will I.

    I wonder if I should bake a cake or bring home made muffins. A caraffe of coffee. While I know that this board puts a great deal of faith in many of these assessments & the neuropsychologist evaluations, it just a picture, a snapshot of one day in the life of wm. Tomorrow he tests out totally different. In my mind it becomes a waste of time & money.

    We will go through the questionairres once again - the parent interviews & physical hx. psychiatrist will pontificate about the lack of services for abused/neglected kids before he gets down to business. therapist will attempt to dominate the discussion & foster mum, dad & myself will sit back & watch. At some point we will be brought into the discussion. Depending on the mood of the group we will be heard or we won't be heard.

    This is all up to wm & whether he will be cooperative or not.

    I'm blessed to have such a dedicated team for wm. I'm weary waiting for wm to be a part of that team.
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    I hope things go well. Maybe wm will surprise you. I would be worried though, it is such a short time since he lost his father, is it really a good time for all the testing?
    Seems as if it may just put more pressure on him. Thinking of you and family.
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    I hear you on the evaluations. We have them every 6 months for D for his services. I think - how much changes in 6 months? Is he not mentally ill anymore? Sheesh.

    I'd be worried too, such a short time after his dad's passing. Although, maybe it will bring out concerns for everyone to see that they can add to the treatment plan.

    Either way, the coffee and muffins sound good. If they don't want them, I'll send you my shipping address :)

    Good luck with everything, L.