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    Remember the missing homework that easy child 2 lied adamantly about a month or so ago?
    That teacher emailed me over the weekend to see if easy child's story had changed. Half the assignments are still not finished and turned in, tho what she did do was enough to bring her grade to 70%.
    I thanked the teacher for letting me know, as easy child is still swearing she did the work and the teacher just won't grade it. I also thanked the teacher for doing her job and told her I was not at all upset by anything she's done in this situation...this is all on easy child, and I'm very dismayed at her behavior and constant lying.
    The teacher just emailed me back. She verified one last time that the work is still not done (its too late to make it up now, anyway) and thanked me for saying that, and she really appreciated me being honest and up front with her about easy child.
    I really want to email her back and tell her my new stance with easy child, but I guess I won't. But it just continually amazes me that teachers so frequently thank you for being honest about your kid's problems....which means there must be a bunch of parents in there asking those teachers why they are doing their kids wrong...and that just floors me.
    Anyway...just rambling. Not planning to do a dang thing about it. Except show the email to husband.
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  2. gcvmom

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    Your easy child 2 is acting just like my difficult child 1. :grrr: I'm ready to ship mine somewhere until he's about 25!
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    There are a LOT of parents who believe everything their kids say about the teachers. I have heard our teachers yelled at, cussed at, screamed at, and heard parents beg and bribe them not to give a child a bad grade. One dad, who cannot get his difficult child to do ANYTHING other than abuse whoever is around him verbally and physically, even offered the teacher a brand new car if she would just give him a B. Cause it would lift his self esteem and make him WANT to do his work.

    So yeah, teachers appreciate it when you don't blame them for your child's problems or actions.

    I hope sooner or later husband pulls his head out and decides to be a parent.
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    My mom (a retired fourth-grade teacher) used to tell the parents "If you promise to believe only half of what you hear about school, I promise to believe only half of what they tell me about home." Made the parents do a much better job of verifying instead of freaking out.