Another enlightening telephone call from difficult child

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by dstc_99, Nov 12, 2013.

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    Get this I am a horrible person! LMAO

    difficult child apparently got a bill for school that none of us were expecting. She let it go thinking the GI Bill would pay it and got a late fee tacked on. Now she is calling us demanding that we pay it because she needs her savings to move and live with her boyfriend. husband and I literally do not have it and that is what I told her. She proceeded to tell me how horrible I am and that all the other kids at school get all the money they want from their parents. Apparently we dropped her off at this "****thank you" school and she is miserable and hates us for it. She demanded we pay the money because she won't. I then got the lecture on how we spend out thousands of dollars and how that if this was easy child we would bend over backwards to pay it. We have ruined her life! She is never going to speak to us again!!! We don't pay anything for her and we promised to. I reminded her of the car payment, cell phone payment, and the car insurance payment but she said her car sucked and we had new ones so we were horrible people who couldn't manage our money. I was informed I can no longer shop at Dolce and Gabana and drink wine. LMAO I have never owned anything from D&G and I drink $3.95 bottles of wine that last me 3 days each.

    YADA YADA YADA! You all know the spiel.

    Then I received the text…….I need my $140 this month.

    LMAO I thought we ruined her life and she was never speaking to us again. Apparently though we are good enough to hand her cash and text. :p
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    Yep.That's a difficult child for you. They abuse you then ask for money. Are you going to send it?

    I wouldn't pay my kid a dime to move in with some live in boyfriend so I guess I'm awful too :) I wouldn't give it even if I were a millionaire. That's an adult decision and adults don't ask Mommy for money.
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    I agree wholeheartedly with MWM's take. I feel badly for you and husband that this is happening. difficult child kids do not listen, do not do what we suggest, and blame us for the outcome. Take care of yourselves through this time. If difficult child were doing what she is supposed to be doing, this situation would have been resolved long since.

    Deep breath. You are navigating this mine pit as well as could be expected. Hang tight. It's not easy or right, but you have done nothing wrong.

    Post often. It is difficult to hold steady under the onslaught of difficult child reality.

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    They are amazing! I had a hard time, bouncing back and to, helping my difficult child over, and over, and over....... As I look back on that time it was money wasted MINE not his.

    I can honestly say that once I stopped everything my difficult child faired just as well, maybe better, than when I was helping. The added bonus is that my life improved so much without the constant drama and sob stories everyday.

    I think dumping on the parents becomes a habit, I got tired of it! A close relative has an almost 30yo still living at home, she said they try to make him pay $100 a week for room and board but he won't pay it lol!!! Why should he?