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    Well difficult child didn't even make it to the day before his flight!!!

    He called me at work about 9pm and was freaking out. Said he is having trouble breathing and his face and other parts are all tingly. He was crying. I calmly told him to settle down. Told him that he is alright, breathe deep. He said he felt like passing out and he was afraid that dad was really mad at him.

    I talked to husband. He WAS upset. I reminded him that difficult child REALLY feels this. I asked difficult child if he would feel better if he got some fresh air and husband took him for a ride. he said yes. when I talked to husband I asked him to do this. He was upset. Trying to get things together for the trip and now has to go out. Plus it was getting late and difficult child needed to get to bed. He IS going to school tomorrow, he cannot miss. husband said he was on the computer and he went in there to tell him to go to bed and noticed that difficult child was reading about carbon monoxide poisoning. I told him we have a carbon monoxide detector, and he asked if Iwas sure it worked. Geez, what next.

    At midnight difficult child called me at work again. Sounded much better. Told me they rode around for a while then he started feeling the same way. He freaks out then. So, husband took him to ER. Between these anxiety attacks and him thinking he is dying with every ache and pain, and his headaches...we should just reserve our private room at ER!!! Why does difficult child believe the doctors and nurses and not US??? They told him he was having anxiety attacks. They gave him xanax for the plane ride!!! Told him not to take it tonight because he would be drowsy in the morning for school.
    So, he won't get to sleep until about 1am and must get up at 6 for school.

    Noticed he didn't do his homework in any class again. Yesterday and today. His behavior has been good, thus the student of the month/most improved student award. But he MUST do homework. So not only is he missing two days this week, he will be exhausted when he returns sunday evening and will have so much work to make up. This will just overwhelm him and make him angry. AGGGGHHHH.

    I don't want to get into it with him tomorrow after school. He needs to get current work done and get to bed early. Afraid if he takes xanax he will get nervous because it will make him feel funny. And I don't want him to be out of it and tired when he gets there. They have four very full days of events going on in Pittsburgh.

    I am so dissappointed about the homework. I just don't understand. He has told me homework is "bogus" shouldn't have to do it. I just want to scream.
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    Looks like I am up with you! I am so sorry. I know how frustrating the homework issue is. Our latest is that as I was going through completed graded work the end of last week, I found a page of a packet that was blank and marked "Do" on it. difficult child stated he did not have to do it because the teacher didn't specifically hand it back to him or say anything about it. The hours we agonized over that just to get him to do 5 very easy spelling problems. There is the list of spelling words on the page. You read a sentence and determine which word is spelled wrong (Gee, do you think it could be a spelling word?) and write the correct spelling on a blank. Just FIVE (5)! Ugh So, I multiply that feeling by 1000 and come a little closer to where you are at.

    My difficult child has two months before his big trip (without me or husband) and is starting to get nervous. We are up now and can not find his stress eraser. My kids are so careless with their expensive electronics. I know his gameboy has been missing for a long time also. However, I really need to find that stress eraser for his trip!

    I feel so bad for your difficult child. Departure time is coming so quickly! How is the weather looking? Are they taking that snow out of the forcast? I know he is concerned about the icing on the plane?

    I know how you feel about your son not believing you. I always got frustrated and looked at it like my kids do not "trust" me. I know that is not the case but I always personalized it. They see us as parents, we are not doctors and only doctors/nurses REALLY know! Because as you grow up, you learn that when you are sick, a doctor makes you better, not a parent. Argh!!!! I think I will write some new children's books where the child goes to his parents for the answers of EVERYTHING! The house is on fire? A friend fell out of a tree? You are lost? Call Mom, she is super smart and will tell you how to deal with it. Much better than a 911 call! Mom is busy at work? Then call Dad!

    I hope your difficult child can settle down for school and find some rest before departure time.

    So, my difficult child woke about 2:00 am unable to sleep and I am still up at 3:00 am.

    I am sending my sleep dust to your home - I think you guys need it more! We can go one night without sleep.
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    I am sorry he had another round of anxiety attacks. It IS frustrating when they won't believe us about things.

    I remember Wiz being about 5 and realizing his private part stood up sometimes. We explained in age approp terms/concepts what was happening. He TOTALLY didn't believe ME - told me it was because I don't have one of those!! (ROFL on the reasoning!) Then he wouldn't believe husband because he thought husband was just repeating what I said. So we had him call Grandpa. Finally he believed Gpa that it was normal and just part of growing up. But talk about a flustered Gpa!

    I think the idea of the kids book where they ask Mom and Dad the answers is awesome. We are NOT the only parents going through this. Kids look stuff up at younger and younger ages on the computer and so they beleive what they read there over us. At least I find that to be the case.

    I hope he is able to make the flight with-o freaking out. It would be good to explain to him about the ears and air pressure BEFORE he gets on the plane. That could really freak him out and make husband react badly.

    I know homework is a big issue, but does he understand the concepts with-o doing the homework? Or does he need the homework to understand and remember the concepts? It might be something to work into the IEP that if he misses 2 or more days he gets 2 days to make up the work for each day he misses. Just a thought because with his anxiety it really IS hard to function.

    I hope you can get him to stop looking up all these things like carbon monoxide poisoning!

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    Anxiety and panic attacks are SO hard to deal with....I am so sorry that you have to go through this. I am hoping that the Xanax does a "number" on him and practically 'knocks him out' for the duration of the trip. Maybe combine it with a little camomile tea, just to be him sleep on the plane. I have also noticed that on certain flights, the crew will turn down the oxygen levels in the cabin....and passengers will get very relaxed and drowsey. Considering all the anxiety over the recent ice-related plane crash, they just might do that if the weather is expected to be bad.

    Crossing my fingers that everything will go well for you!!