Another family tragedy that has a strange twist

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Nancy, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Nancy

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    Monday afternoon a prominent attorney and his wife were found bludgeoned to death in their home by workers who were doing construction work on the property. It was a shock to everyone and they will be missed as they were both very active community members. My husband has had cases against this attorney and said he was just an all around nice guy who was a pleasure to work with.

    They adopted their daughter. Her facebook is what I imagine her parents may not have been too happy with. She was attending a private school but her postings on fb were quite trashy and crude, especially between her and her boyfriend. As I read them I couldn't help but notice the similarities between her and our difficult child when she was in high school and hanging with trashy people.

    Today the boyfriend was arrested for their murder. Very very tragic. Coincidently the daughter has been in the hospital for two weeks because she was beaten up at a party by another boy who has been in jail since then.

    There were so many parallels here to our own story that it's creepy. It was just two years ago when the guy difficult child was living with was arrested for ringing our doorbell and kicking our door every night. He kicked it so hard he broke the door frame and I was worried some day he would end up breaking through the door ending up in our house. He posted a message to difficult child that if we were ever found dead he would be responsible for it. When I heard about this poor couple being killed it made me realize that could have been our story.
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    That's so sad and i bet it brought lots of creepy feelings up..

  3. dashcat

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    I remember when that was happening to you. Of course, given recent events here, that story really hit me hard. I fear for our difficult children who behave recklessly and allow dangerous people into their lives. I pray for the families of these difficult children and for their safety. I know a lot of families at that school and I know they are shaken to the core.

    And for the victims in this terrible tragedy, may they rest i peace.

  4. recoveringenabler

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    I'm sorry that brought up bad memories Nancy, how tragic for that family. It makes me so sad. It must have felt really creepy to feel the similarities in your stories. I hope the feelings dissipate quickly for you. Your difficult child seems to be doing well now. But, I do understand that feeling of there but for the grace of God, go I................
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    that's so tragic. I'm thankful you are safe and pray that family can get some help.
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    There but for the grace of God go any of us. I was always afraid someone would retaliate against difficult child and hurt us. That's such a tragedy, the poor couple.
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    What a tragedy. It seems to happen so often these days. Over the weekend a friend of Mandy's was at her mother's house when there was a drive by. After everyone scattered and then returned they realized this friend was nowhere to be found. They looked around and then called the cops. Well they had to call the cops immediately anyway because the mother was shot. They told the cops the daughter was missing. On Tuesday they found her in a local swamp. The local gossip is they cut off her tattoos but Im not so sure I believe that one. They werent any type of gang tattoos.
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    That is just chilling, Nancy. Such a waste, such a tragedy.
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    So sad and yet becoming more common. This could happen to any of us with our difficult children.
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    Oh Gosh that is so awful, scary and creepy. Everytime I hear about a horrible crime like that I am thankful it wasnt my difficult child.... and I always feel for the parents of the perp!! Of course in this case it was absolutely horrible what happened to the couple...