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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by crazymama30, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. crazymama30

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    difficult child got in a fight on the school bus yesterday. An administrator was called to pick up the 2 boys, and take them to priniciple's office. husband picked difficult child up. He was sitting with a friend, and difficult child said they pull each other's hair in play. difficult child got too rough (big shock) and they ended up in a fist fight. They said they will follow up on discipline today at school. I am leaving town at noon. husband does not deal with this stuff well. I am calling the school, and asking if difficult child will be suspended, and if the answer is yes or we do not know, he will stay home. I have been planning this weekend for months, and will not allow his act to throw a wrench in it. Am I being selfish?
  2. Alisonlg

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    I'm so sorry! :frown: I don't think you're being selfish at all for keeping your weekend away! I always try to remind myself that I can't allow my entire life to be ruled by my difficult child. You are entitled to have things scheduled in your life just for YOU!

  3. Sunlight

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    do what you planned, the punishment and or problem will be there when you get home.
  4. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member need to do things for yourself in order to be able to
    appropriately parent difficult kids. Go and enjoy! DDD
  5. Wiped Out

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    I'm glad you decided to keep your weekend away-you deserve it and need the time away!
  6. oceans

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    I think that you need this weekend and it is great that you are doing something for yourself!
  7. timer lady

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    Take the weekend & enjoy! You need & deserve the respite. :smile: