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    Recently there was a problem on Tyler's bus. Another kid punched him in the arm as part of a bullying incident. The child who punched him has been kicked off of the bus for the year.

    Today thank you came in and got husband, saying some parent was outside who wanted to talk to him. So husband went out and this mom, L, introduced herself. She said that her son was involved in a bullying incident on the bus and put another boy up to punching Tyler. She will NOT tolerate that behavior from her son and she brought him there to apologize, and would husband let that happen.

    So husband had thank you come out. The boy said he was sorry and thank you said it was okay. L said that NO, it was NOT okay and her son needed to ask for forgiveness from thank you and husband. So her son did - and thank you and husband shook his hand and accepted his apology.

    husband said it was NOT the way Wiz would have reacted, with defiance and eye rolling and everything he could to make it show he was not sincere. This boy's lip was quivering and he was clearly remorseful. It was a very good thing!

    husband also asked L if her name was "L maiden name" before she married. Turns out she was a year ahead of me in school and I knew her. And husband had her as a student when he did his student teaching! (The first year I moved here husband was a student teacher with kids a grade ahead of me but in the same school. I was in 8th and he taught kids in 9th, lol! Yes, he DID get a lot of ribbing about that when we were dating/first married, lol)

    It was just SO NICE to see that other parents have the same standards/expectations that we have for our kids. And to see a child who was truly remorseful for bullying someone. I would be willing to bet that this was not the only thing his mom made him do over this, and that he doesn't do anything like this for a long time!!! Go MOM!)
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    Oh I just love this story! Way To Go MOM !!!:bigsmile:
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    :beautifulthing: Hopefully this boy will now stick up for thank you.
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    Love to see other parents who know how to parent properly. LOVE IT!

    A very good lesson for this boy, and one he won't forget. Way To Go Mom!

    And a good lesson for thank you as well.........loved it when the mom told thank you that NO it wasn't ok for her son to do what he did. Helps to reinforce to thank you that he should not be picked on/bullied by anyone. Again Way To Go Mom!
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    All RIGHT!!!!!

    Wow, I already love her! What a great thing to do!
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    Cool! This one made my day.