Another Grandbaby on the way!!!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by lovemysons, Feb 3, 2013.

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    OMG...husband says to me last night, "I've been sworn to secrecy but if you guess I'll tell you if you're right or not."
    Sooooo...I guessed! Oldest difficult child and his much older wife are expecting their third baby. They currently have 2 girls (who we rarely see, sigh).
    husband would love for Oldest difficult child to have a boy...apparently oldest difficult child wants another girl.

    Not sure why all their babies have to be "secrets"??? But they are control freaks so maybe this is just one more thing they share when they are good and ready.

    Anyway, only have a minute as young difficult child's wife and the other 3 grandchildren are here (spent the weekend with us) and I don't want daughter in law to come in and see what I'm typing to you all.

    Oh, and now husband has "sworn me to secrecy", lol.

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    "Cross my heart and hope to die"....I won't say a word to anyone. Well, maybe husband ??, but he's really good at keeping secrets. :bigsmile: He's even better at 80 than he was at 40 because he forgets what I tell him most of the time! Hugs DDD
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    ok i won't tell. congratulations though!
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    Wow! Six grandchildren! Tammy, that's wonderful. Wishing you much joy from them all.

    I hope your young difficult child is doing OK. And is your move now behind you, and are you now in your new home?

    Love, Esther
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    Congratulations LMS. I am sworn to secrecy too!
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    LMS your thread was inadvertently locked yesterday, don't worry we weren't trying to lock your wonderful news. I'm so sorry.
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    I tried to post yesterday but couldn't. I am so happy for your good news. A Grandbaby is such a blessing. Congratulations! -RM
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    LOL Nancy...Now that's what I call a "Well held secret"! No problem at all. ;-)

    Thank you all for the congrats...
    It is bitter sweet as oldest difficult child and his wife with the granddaughters is not very involved with our lives. I have never confronted oldest difficult child about "why" but it is my understanding from husband that his wife wants to guard, protect, have control over every influence coming into their children's lives...Our Grandchildren.

    See...I smoke cigarettes and go to the Casino occasionally. In addition, I have Mental Illness...a BIG no no for them. Oldest difficult child did tell me once that I am NEVER to speak of mental illness around his daughters at anytime in the future. He "doesn't belive in it" and does not want his daughters exposed to the idea.
    Also, Young difficult child has spent time in prison (well so has oldest difficult child) but apparently this doesn't bode well with the wife. Then there is our easy child daughter who is Gay. She is an outstanding person, very strong, very responsible, in third yr of college on scholarship and simply adores the other grandchildren (Young difficult child's 3 children) yet she is looked down upon for being Gay.
    So...sadly, we will likely not see this third grandbaby from oldest difficult child much.

    The "sweet" part is that as a child being raised by a "career oriented mom" vs a "stay at home mom"...and no dad (didn't meet him til I was 17)...and no brothers or sisters, I looooooooonged for a BIG FAMILY., Now I have 3 children, and soon 6 grandchildren. Not bad for an "only lonely child".

    We are STILL trying to get settled into the new house/Apartment. Still have boxes in nearly every room and many pics that need to find a place on the wall's.
    Young difficult child is still complying with all his Parole requirements and I believe is completely off the monitoring (ankle bracelt) as of this week. He struggles some (as he historically has) with jumping to the extreme conclusion and trying to manipulate others emotionally but all in all he seems highly motivated to "Do the next right thing" as they say in AA.
    I do believe that Prison had a positive effect on young difficult child as each day he proves to be acting in a reasonably responsible manner and is being fairly consistent.

    Buddy...Sorry did not get back with you on the "Brief Update" thread....think I answered the question about the monitoring above. Hope you and Q are doing well and as always I appreciate your interest and friendship.

    Thanks again all...