Another Joke!


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Man rushes into the vets office with his dog who is stiff as a board and looking quite dead!

The man is really upset and the vet takes the dog from the man and lays him on the table. The man tells the vet that his dog needs help badly.

The vet tells the man that his dog is obviously dead and there is nothing that can be done for him. The man gets quite agitated and insists that his dog cannot be dead!

The vet listens to the dogs chest for a heartbeat and can find nothing and tries to tell the man this but the man insists that the vet do something to help the dog!

So the vet says...ok tell you what...I will run some tests.

The vet opens the door and this big black Labrador retriever runs into the room and walks around the dog on the table and sniffs the dogs rear end for a bit and then walks back out of the room. Then a few minutes later a big gray tabby cat saunters into the room and jumps up on the table with the dog and sniffs the dog and jumps back down and walks out of the room.

The vet looks at the man and says to him that he is so sorry but as he can see, the dog is obviously dead.

The man finally accepts that his beloved pet is dead but asks the vet if he is going to charge him anything for this visit.

The vet says...well...I will have to charge you for the.......

Lab testing and Cat scan!!!!