Another meltdown ...went after sister with scooter swinging it- trying to hit her

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    Well... took him to his eye appointment and he suggested eye surgery to open the duct( or something similar.. close something else) in case another infection sets and referred us out. Luckliy we been to the specialist/ reg pediatrician eye dr before. So of course he was hyper there... went to pick up his sis and a friend, dropped her home, we came home. I started dinner and he wanted to get his friends and I said" honey lets cook, eat and get changed before company comes please" Just as he threw a tantrum my dad suggested Pizza even tho I was cooking lol. Well..dinner finished he ate and went outside. So I gave up and said fine, but when the pizza comes tell your friends we need to eat dinner and they can come back. We do offer food but we only ordered enough for us and he had a few kids out there. While waiting he was playing with his friends, he got his sis ball after she told him not to touch it.. she chased him to get it and he went after his sister with his scooter swinging it- trying to hit her so my dad spanked him. We told the kids ours were going for a cool down.

    He got mad refused to come in and decided he would rather take off down the street to leave..again.. came back after I chased him, he went behind the car and lifted the back up and down like your pulling the trunk open when its jammed or something.. hitting the car doors. And THIS is why dont trust him alone outside!! Plus he still does not look for cars pulling in and out of the driveways.. thankfully my immediate neighbors do take care for kids and esp mine knowing his lack of paying attention to vehicles.

    OMG!!!! Really, the violence on my lil one is unbelievable that Im in shock at times :(

    Pizza is here.. so he decided he has to be the first one and wouldn't let anyone else get any while he washed his hands. Then it became we couldn't touch the plates, his hands, he blew and started pulling the sink faucet down where you can see the whole thing move. I asked him . he went harder and I gently tapped his butt to get him to stop, ran to room yelling shutup jerks fat people. Well after kicking the door in and trashing his room he surprisingly stopped after ten minutes. I know we shouldn't spank .. Im trying to see bout neuropsychologist... only 4 here I think.. well according to Google.

    Sorry Im back again :( Daily at this point
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    Good for you on looking for a neuropsychologist, but I'd call university or children's hospitals to see if they have any. But four is a fair field to choose from.

    I am sorry you are still having problems. If he were my child, I wouldn't let him go outside without me. You need to be able to make sure he is being safe with others, including your daughter.

    I wouldn't spank him. As you see, it just makes him angrier and doesn't help. JMO.

    Be sure to be good to yourself and remind yourself that this is not your fault and let the professionals do the diagnosing.
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    Daily is ok. Your family is in crisis. It won't always be so bad. After you get the right diagnosis (which could take awhile) and the right interventions your family life will get better.

    *Is taking the scooter away for a bit a viable option?
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    We stopped spanking difficult child because it did nothing but start to escalate things as he got older. If you don't want your dad to spank him he should obey your wishes. He is your child and you should be the one deciding how to punish him.

    In our house when something is used as a weapon (a hockey stick, a toy gun, whatever it is) it gets taken away for a period of time determined by me. Period. End of sentence. I do this with both difficult child and easy child. It doesn't matter if it's thrown or swung at someone. It gets taken away. It's actually cut down on the number of times this has happened because they don't want their things taken away.
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    Thank you all, and yes, I have taken away the scooter. I know .. we are not going to spank him again. I never felt right doing so anyways.

    Thanks again MidwestMom, and yes, I am hoping those four all great so no matter who we get, it a sure help.
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    Confused, the others suggested exactly what I would have said.
    But I wanted to add, that even though my son was like that when he was little, (he mostly wanted to attack me, not the car!) he is much, much better now, and he can't remember half the stuff he did. We have had lots and lots of therapy, and luckily, he respects the therapist and will do what he says. One day the therapist just read him the riot act and said, "CUT THE DRAMA!" and difficult child got very, very quiet. :)
    Now, when I said that, it ramped him up. So you have to find just the right person.
    {{Many hugs.}}