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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Penta, May 15, 2009.

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    from a grandmother who went through he** and back for years with my granddaughter. MY girl began spiraling downward at the onset of adolescence at age 12 and spent 19 months in a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) from age 14 1/2- 16 due to self destructive, defiant behavior....I feared for both of our lives. She also has difficulty processing information and is dyslexic.

    Today at age 20, this young woman is quite remarkable! Still a strong personality, but channeled toward her goals for the future. She has been attending community college with a 3.5 GPA and recently was accepted into a 4 year college to obtain her degree. I watched her perform her original piece in her college department's dance showcase last weekend and was moved to tears.

    College studying is not easy for her, but with accommodations for test taking, an electronic dictionary, tutors that she seeks out, and self discipline, she does well. She also works in retail part time at a high end clothing store.

    5 years ago, I never would have expected this....she will always be a quirky, unique, strong willed personality, but now with the will to pursue her dreams.
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    I'm delighed for you Penta. Recent years have been such a challenge for you and your daughter. It's awesome that she is maturing so nicely. Are you making new changes too? DDD
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    What wonderful news! I am so happy to hear when things turn out okay for someone's difficult child despite a rocky past. :D You must be so very proud (and relieved)!
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    Wow-great to hear such fantastic news:)
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    I can just imagine the tears to see how far she has come from where she was.
    Congratulations to you and ex difficult child. Unique, storng personalities are a plus as long as you function in a productive way. Way To Go!
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    Thank you all for your kind for me DDD, I am discovering the perks of senior citizen status! Free tuition at our local college where I study studio art as well as enjoying my walks on our gorgeous nature trails and swimming in our spring fed pools. I work only every other month, so I have plenty of time for fun!

    You can see what I have been up to at:
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    Dear Penta,

    I was delighted to see your post! Congratulations to you and your gdaughter. Our kids were in EGBS at about the same time and it seems that both of us made a good decision, or perhaps the only decision at that time.

    I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Penta, Thanks. I am in the trenches right now so that is so inspiring. I am also an artist and loved seeing your work. Compassion