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    The sd is suuposed to be doing a comprehensive re-evaluation on difficult child. I have requested they include more tests than what they propose because over half of their proposed evaluation is to be done by teacher and parent forms, not actual tests. Now, not only are these not as accurate, but difficult child has only attended his home school about 4 school days since mid-Dec.

    The sd Special Education director first suggested they wait until difficult child is home and stable. I argued that the point was to assess areas of disability so it was better to assess him when he's symptommatic. They argued that they will do their planned assessment and if I disagree with it, then I can ask for an IEE.

    Ok- I think their point is to do minimum testing to see if he still qualifies for IEP. I know he qualifies for IEP- I expect them to comply with state regs and test all areas of suspected diability. Is there anything I can do to make them include tests for executive functioning now (D'KEFS) instead of just using the parent and teacher forms (especially since these teachers haven't seen him in over a month and quite frankly, would attribute lack of organization and planning and inhibition issues to "behavior" instead of an inability)?

    If a parent agrees to their minimum evaluation and then the kid gets qual'd to remain on an iep, how can the parent prove that an IEE is needed to identify all areas of weakness so that he doesn't end up staying on an iep because of behavior (ie- he was unorganized because he didn't care)?
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    You can't really make them do specific tests. However, you can disagree with-their findings if you feel they didn't test in "all areas of suspected disability." I'd ask for the testing in writing via CM -- take care not to limit the evaluation.

    When you disagree with-their evaluation because you feel it is incomplete and ask for an IEE, don't be surprised to hear, "We didn't test in that area so there is no basis for an IEE."

    If that happens, you'll have your "proof" they decided to not test in "all areas of suspected disabilities" and an IEE is appropriate.
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    Thank you!
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    You're welcome!:D
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    What is an IEE ?
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    Independent Educational Evaluation

    When the school district does an evaluation on a child, if the parent disagrees with-the evaluation the parent may request an IEE. It's at school district expense.

    See for more info. It applies to all school districts in the USA.