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    I know you are probably getting tired of me complaining about the school bus situation, but I ahve a question, and you are my "Go To Gals"

    According to the school/school bus rules, the school has the power to discipline my child for anything that she does from the time she steps out of my door to the time she steps in my door. NOT from the time she arrives at the bus stop, but from the time she leaves my home. This CAN even apply if a parent is with her, and this was specifically told to all of us.

    BUT the school says it is NOT responsible for anything that happens to her (car accident - which I have not asked them to be responsible for) due Occupational Therapist (OT) the lack of street lights on our road and the early bus time (must be there by 6:50).

    HOW can they be responsible for her, but not responsible for what happens to her? Does this make sense to anyone?


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    Susie, that's why I said to talk to a lawyer. This is exactly what the school tried with us over Travis. A catch 22, but it simply cannot work both ways. Ya just can't have your cake and eat it too.

    They were really POed that I didn't just "go with it" like every other parent.

    They wanted the right to punish my kid for something he/she might do on the way home from school. On the flip side also didn't want to be responsible for something another student did to my child on the way home from school.

    See what I mean? Our sd backed down and got major cooperative. But boy, they hated me. lol And still do. I don't play the good ole boy games.

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    Don't have any answers. I am not picking up difficult child because he is afraid of the kids that have been picking on him, they are on the bus. difficult child gets a ride to school with a neighbor boy who is a senior, but does not get a ride home with him. Neither of my kids ever took the bus before. The only reason he takes the bus is because it is a choice school, not the local district school which is only a block away.

    When easy child was in elementary school a boy was threatening him. I spoke to the principal and was told that easy child has the right to get to school and home from school safely. (he walked) If the other boy does not stop, the school will hold him in the office until a parent picks him up. That is what happened for a short time and then all was well.

    in my opinion - there should be crossing guards, or school supervison at bus stops where a group of kids wait. There certainly should be sufficient lighting. THAT should be a saftey concert regarding school.
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    Sounds like they're talking out of both sides of their mouth. I'm with Lisa. Time to involve an attorney.

    So many times, people try so hard to avoid a lawsuit that that's actually what they end up with - simply because they won't take appropriate steps for fear of being sued by accepting responsibility. It's really stupid. I think if people stood up and did what's right, there would be less lawsuits in this country.

    Except for the frivolous ones, of course. There's always someone out trying to make a quick buck. :rolleyes:
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    We live in a fairly large town, likes to call itself a "city" but it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find a lawyer to go up against the school district. The old super made it clear that if a lawyer had kids he/she had better NOT go up against them. I have called every lawyer in town, no luck. And lawyers out of town don't want to come here to do court and things. I am going to check our prepaid legal thing. It was disheartening to get a call from a college friend who is a lawyer and be told that it just isn't something she can take - she has a difficult child and NEEDS the schools cooperation! Same for husband's old fiance - exact same answer. Other lawyers were not so forthcoming as to why not, but gave me the runaround for hours.

    Tomorrow is also a day.
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    I would seek a lawyer's advice also. I'm sure you wouldn't have a problem getting a lawyer to take this on.

    In the meantime, I suggest that you get her a flasher, like what runners and bikers wear.
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