Another reason to be glad my kids are grown up

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    difficult child#2 was here yesterday mad as a wet hen. He had $60 and it disappeared. He thought his wife had taken it. I tried to tell him that didn't make sense because if she did she would have bought something with it and he'd know. He kept ranting and raving. Fianlly he calmed down a little. I was there last night (their dog had escaped and I took him home - he think's I'm his grandma too and when he gets out he comes to my house) and things were a little better but they were still looking for the money. So he was just here - they found $10 in the 3 year old's potty chair and when they questioned him he said he flushed the rest down the toilet. :faint: As poor as they are this is a real tragedy but I had to laugh when I remembered all of the stuff my kids pulled like that. I'll bet from now on they'll be more careful.
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    Oh, WOW! I remember the flushing experiments. At one point we had to keep the hook and eye latch thingy on the bathroom door because Wiz would try to flush things. Somehow one of the kids at preschool told him rubber duckies don't disappear if you flush, they go on a water ride.

    They disappear if you use a small size rubber ducky.

    My cousin's kids learned that you could flush a single roll of TP in 3 flushes if you just put the end in the toilet. THey used a jumbo size pack figuring just how many flushes.

    This was when the double rolls had just come out. The felt sure the double roll wasn't a full double because it only took 5 flushes!!!

    I am glad he isn't still blaming his wife for taking the money.
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    Send that story into Reader's Digest. Maybe they can earn the money back? Then take a picture of that precious 3 year old holding some dollar bills (you can get pretend ones) next to the toilet. Make a scrapbook page and be sure it gets displayed at all her parties (or atleast graduation and maybe a wedding shower to warn the groom?).

    I am sorry they lost the money. It just adds a more real meaning to the phrase "the pay check was flushed down the toilet". I hope they get caught up financially so they can also enjoy the humor of this memory.
  4. Fran

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    roflmbo! It is great to be the grandmother.
    I'm sure it is a tragedy but it does seem like it's a bit of difficult child seeing what life was like with him.
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    LOL. I remember Jana and her cousin got in trouble for overflowing the toilet at daycare. They never did tell what they'd flushed.