another recipe thread: any vegans out there?

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    I am having company for Memorial Day weekend; my cousin and her 30 something daughter. The daughter has recently become vegan. Now, I eat vegetarian most of the time but I really am not into the vegan thing and I'm not sure what to make for her. I do suscribe to Vegetarian Times magazine and some of the recipes in there are vegan but a lot of them call for things I can't get out here in the sticks without ordering over the internet and I'm not anxious to spend the next two weeks tracking down exotic stuff. What are some easy things I can make for her? (I can do tofu, soy milk, almond milk, etc.) Anybody have any good things to make that we can all eat and enjoy?
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    The following two sites I've tried and I like a lot of what I've tried. I'm neither Vegan or Vegetarian, I just like a lot of variety in my food. Plus I love to cook anything that is new and different. Hope this helps some.
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    My daughter is a dairy free vegetarian in a family that eats meat.

    How about make your own tacos with Mexican rice, beans, and salad? You could have sauteed peppers and onions and guacamole along with the usual taco toppings. She could make a vegan taco while the rest of you have the meat filling.

    I also make this chicken soup recipe for us and use some of the ingredients to make the same thing for my daughter without the meat. We don't use cheese or sour cream but add cut up avocado instead.

    ETA: Oops, just realized you said you are mostly vegetarian, so maybe these won't work at all.
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    You can make a veggie pizza using soy cheese. It's really good and just as easy as making regular pizza.

    You could make veggie panini's. Those are easy and fast. Again, use soy cheese if desired. It also gives you the option of having meat and regular cheese for everyone else since each sandwich is made separately. You would just have to make hers first so her sandwich isn't cooked after any meat or cheese has been cooked.

    I like Hope's taco idea, too.

    Most french bread is vegan. Otherwise, just check the ingredients when buying bread. Things to look out for are: whey, milk, eggs, honey, and Mono- and diglycerides (unless it states that they use soybean or vegetable oil - otherwise they can be derived from animals). FWIW, Wonder bread is vegan. This site may help you: