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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by toughlovin, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Hi all you wonderful people who understand all of this...

    Just got a call that difficult child relapsed on spice. I cant say i am surprised....i was waiting for something to happen. difficult child has not called us.

    Anyway he is going back to the much stricter sober house..less freedom, more groups, much more structure....

    To be honest i am relieved. I know he is safe there and he will be getting some help. Probably the best way it could happen from my point of view. I have to say i love this place....they seem really committed to working and working with folks towards recovery.

    So now the other shoe dropped, he is safe and i can relax for a while.

  2. pinevalley

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    I know that the news about the relapse was hard to hear, but I am so glad the your difficult child will be in a good place to get the help that he needs. My difficult child was in rehab recently because he became addicted to spice. That stuff is much more dangerous than weed, because no one really knows what stuff they put in this. It was legal last year (it became illegal to sell spice here as of Jan 1, thank goodness), and it was sold in all kinds of stores, very easy to find. Spice is cheap, easy to find, and very addictive, a really dangerous drug.

    It is so important to find the right place where these kids can get help, and it sounds like your difficult child is in the right place for now. Take some time for yourself now, and try to not to worry about your difficult child too much. Sending good wishes your way....
  3. lovemysons

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    Glad you feel good about this more structured environment for your difficult child. I am sorry that he relapsed but SO GLAD he has really good supports in place.

    Hang in there,
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    Pinevalley... yeah spice is nasty stuff. My son has relapsed on it before. I think he thinks he can get away with it because it doesn't show up on drug tests....I am glad that they figured it out however they did it.

    I am wondering now if he used it on Sat night which is why he was such a jerk on Sunday... that would make sense. Means he is not so much a jerk as a drug addict!

  5. exhausted

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    I am sorry about the relapse-this is always hard. I am glad he is willing to go to the stricter place. It sounds like he is committed to getting better. He could just walk away. I am also glad you have a breather and won't be as worried. Chin up and hugs to you.
  6. buddy

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    i was wondering the same... makes sense now... or he was craving it? Just so sorry.... but very glad he is with a place that understands the difficult road this is. Hope you got some rest. HUGS
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    Dangit is all I have to say.

    Guess this addresses the plane tix dilemma. ..

    And so glad that he was placed in a stricter environment and not kicked out.

  8. Nancy

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    I wonder how he got it and who paid for it. Actually I'm surprised that he didn't go into the more restrictive environment when he first went back in. They are most vulnerable then and usually agree to anything. Since he was already complaining about the restriction in the other environment I don't think he will be too happy about this. At some point he has to give up and surrender to the treatment and if he can't do that he will be fighting it constantly. The director was right, there are jobs out there and there are a lot of community service opportunities that he is not taking advantage of.

    It's good that he is in the more restrictive environment TL but I hate to say this, I think you should prepare yourself for him leaving as soon as his license comes through. I hope with all my heart I am wrong but it's his attitude that worries me.

  9. toughlovin

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    I agree Nancy... his attitude worries me too. Either he will surrender or he won't.. either he will realize that he is powerless over substances or he won't.... he may leave when he gets his liscense and come back up here. What husband and I are going to need to get clear about is what do we do when he comes back here, the girlfriend dumps him and he has no place to go.... I think we have to say you made your bed now lie in it. I really don't know what we will do but I do know we will need to see some major work or change on his part before we do much.

    At this point I think he needs space from us to figure it out. I am not contacting him.... I am just backing off. I am going to call and talk to the manager to see if I can get more info about what happened.

  10. DDD

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    Sending hugs your way and also thankful that another placement is at the ready. There's still hope and meanwhile you can rest knowing he is safe for awhile. DDD
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