Another reminder of why Miss KT is the way she is...

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    Because of Miss KT's educational trust, she is required to file a tax return. Because she worked last year, and received a W-2, I told her to check with her grandmother about filing so there wouldn't be two returns filed, causing a huge mess. Grandma said for her to bring over her W-2 and it would be included with the info from the trust.

    This afternoon, I asked Miss KT if she'd heard back from Grandma, since taxes are due tomorrow and Miss KT hasn't signed the return. No. Hasn't been able to reach Grandma, answer machine isn't picking up, no idea. Miss KT decides to go over and see if anything has happened to Grandma. When she gets there, she finds a package on the porch and the mailbox stuffed full of mail. She calls the house, and hears the phone ringing inside. She can't get into the back yard to see into the house, so she calls her father, who lives about an hour south. He gets worried and decides to drive up to check, and asks Miss KT to wait there at the house for him.

    Apparently Grandma is in Phoenix, and Miss KT's father FORGOT that Grandma was there until he pulled up in the driveway. :faint: Sigh. What a dork.

    At least he offered to take Miss KT to dinner.
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    :rofl: :rofl:

    serves him right for forgetting where his mother was. :tongue: Although it most likely put a scare into KT.