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    Buster started having seizures at 8 months old. He was put on medications, Keppra, and they stopped, mostly. He had one about 18 months and then didn't have anymore until yesterday. The first one was with a fever. All the rest weren't. This one wasn't either. He does have a runny nose and cough though. He has also stopped talking again.

    I'm trying really hard to not panic about this. I called the neurologist and left a message. They haven't called me back yet. I don't like this dr. She is the kind that doesn't believe parents and her PA is incompetent. I was hoping Buster would grow out of the seizures, but maybe he won't.
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    If you don't like the doctor and don't feel you're being listened to, it is time to find another doctor. Period.

    He still might outgrow them. However I was told that with Travis...........and that certainly proved not to be the case. Grand mal seizures just morphed into absence seizures and some other odd forms of seizures.

    Has she done an MRI on him?? If not, I'd not shut up until she does........seriously.
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    I can only imagine your concern, especially since he's stopped talking. Hoping you get a call back from the doctor and can take him in. I imagine a round of testing will be in order.

    Thoughts and prayers.

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    I would absolutely recommend finding another neuro. I've dealt with some less-than-stellar neuros, and I kept on looking until I found an absolute genius. Our first appointment he spent over 2 hours with me, talking about seizure control and options and testing, etc. Every appointment was like that - he spent as much time as necessary with us. When Boo would have a breakthrough, he was right on top of it. Some docs take a wait and see if it happens again approach - not this guy. One seizure was 1 too many.

    I wouldn't give up hope on Buster outgrowing them. It could happen. It's just impossible to predict. We were told at age 3 months Boo was at risk - he didn't have his first one 'til puberty hit. Knock wood, he hasn't had one in a couple of years now on triple medication therapy. We were hoping once puberty finished wreaking havoc, he'd stop but... too much to hope for in our case, LOL.

    Of all the docs we've been involved with, the neuro (and their staff) is by far the most important, in my humble opinion. I think it's really important that you trust him/her completely and are fully confident in their abilities/bedside manner.

    ETA: The not talking bit - did that start after the last seizure? You really want to document any changes like that, and how long they last for. Boo gets this funky thing called Todd's palsy after a seizure. Half of his face is paralyzed (not always the same half). Flipped me *out* the first time it happened - I was sure he'd had a stroke. It's temporary and resolves in about 24-48 hours. He doesn't walk/talk, so impossible to tell if there are other short-term deficits, but in Buster's case, I think it would be helpful to (new?) neuro to know what you're seeing post seizure.
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    Thanks guys. This is one area that I really don't have any expertis in. Your input has been very helpful. I'll look into a new neuro and go through his pediatrician for the MRI.
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    Very scary and my thoughts are with you!
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    Thoughts are with you and the little one. My friend had two children with grand mal seizures. But they had the gamut of tests before the neuro concluded they had epilepsy. Both are doing GREAT now. They are adults.