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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Kjs

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    geeezeee, the kids missed two days last week. A newly posted winter storm warning for us for Tuesday night through wed. afternoon. up to 9 inches again...with wind.

    Lets see, last week 50+ mph winds and snow...have to commute to work with a little car.
    Then on Friday...10 inches of snow. Tonight 6 inches of snow with the heaviest when I had to leave for work. Rain and thunderstorms today...then another storm. Makes my 40 minute commute into 2 hours.

    If they keep closing school they will NEVER get out!

  2. Coookie

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    Oh My!!!! :thumbsdown:

    Please drive careful. They are predicting snow here too but just a few inches and they have been wrong before... :nonono: It has been a hard winter this year and I will rattle some beads in hopes that the storm moves to the north, or south, or somewhere else. :)

    Hugs... I have a little car too, it is like a sled on ice. :crazydriver:
  3. dreamer

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    Yup, plus we got a storm last nite, too. Gave us 2.7 inches in one hour plus then more. The thunderstorms today are what make me LOL

    My 4 WD Durango is acting up, which leaves me my VW bug--which I found is so low to the ground, I HAVE to shovel good before I can get in or out of drive at all to use it.
    I am SO glad me and son no longer travel to eye doctor weekly! Altho if we are gonna have this much snow etc, I am glad our area has such good snow removal equipment. I heard chicago has like 270 snowplows plus 80 garbage trucks they put plows on......altho out here in the country we get so much drifting and blowing snow, too.
    Did you see how much totoro got? YIKES at least mine melted before more came! The up and down temps from 40,50 and 60 down to 35 below are hard to handle, but.....I think totoro got like 5 foot of snow at once! YIKES!
    I dunno, I am still mostly freaked by the tornado you and I got a couple weeks ago. That was just TOO freaky!
  4. Marcie Mac

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    Looking at all of the snow and the problems its causing, I won't complain about it being rainy or cold here (like for days on end). I have been watching the news reports out of China and remind myself not to moan and groan about cold weather.

    They had a few buses full of school children stranded for 3 days on the highway, and couldn't get to them, and have something like a million troops trying to keep people calm (its some major festival and people have been bound and determined to celibrate snow be darned). All of the shots on China TV show troops hand shoveling the roads, and throwing salt down out of the back of a truck - havent seen one shot of any kind of snow plows - maybe they don't have any.

    Hope you guys stay safe - I remember having to get up and march along to school in the snow and it doesn't give me any warm and fuzzies.