Another "There but for the grace..." news story

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    Geez, I wonder what set that off? Could he have been a victim of abuse who finally snapped? I wonder if the grandmother will recover and whether she'll be able to shed any light on motive.
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    I find it hard to believe that nothing was wrong to begin with. You know, how it all comes out piece by piece as the days go on ...

    This is typical:
    Although the boy has talked with authorities, "he was not able ... to articulate a reason for his behavior," Fisher said.

    But the fact that he called police and knew he would be arrested, indicates a level of awareness or matter-of-factness that makes me think of my son ... I mean, gets himself into trouble by admitting things that others would lie about (and he lies about the really stupid, aggravating things). The other day he sat down at the computer with-me and had me look up a new Spanish phrase that he heard his "girlfriend" saying (he is taking Spanish, and she is from Mexico, and knows a lot of slang). Of course, it had to do with-the F-word. He thought it was amusing and didn't think a thing of telling me or asking me to help him. Very matter of fact--this is what she said.