Another tragedy -- school shooting

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Sheila, Oct 10, 2007.

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    Oh No, that IS sad!

    I don't understand with all the mediation programs, bully awareness programs, etc Why can't kids find an easier way to resolve conflict? I just don't get it.

    Also, I hate guns. Would never allow them in my household. Too volatile, too easy.

    Whata world we live in these days.

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    I just heard about this, the details were sketchy. I was hoping that the news anchors were mistaken.

    How sad. Prayers being sent out to this Cleveland community.
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    I am watching the live coverage now. It is a small school, about 80 students. It began as a high achievement tech school in our downtown area with a 98% graduation rate and high rate of college placement. It was an alternative school to help some of our students who have potential but that may otherwise fall through the cracks, however in later years I hear it has become less selective and therefore many of the normal problems from our other city schools have followed.

    The shooter was 14 years old and had been suspended yesterday for fighting. He had two guns and apparently was able to get back into the building. He was described as a loner and has been in trouble previously.

    All our city public schools will be closed to morrow to giveeveryone a breather, it's been suggested that a sweep be done in all schools to check for weapons.

    We are having a lot of problems in our public schools and our superintendent is new and has been handpicked to help turn them around. He is well respected and is commited to changing our schools. He has instituted school uniforms in all our schools and is beginning to put programs into effect to change things. He has opened up two all boys and two all girls academies in the city as an alternative educational environment.

    The good news is all those injured will be OK, except for the shooter who has taken his own life.

  6. Does any one else dread when stuff like this happens? My difficult child had never been violent yet each time there is a school shooting or other such incident involving a ED student, the school calls him in "just to touch bases" with him. Now, being the wise guy that he can be, he accuses them of profiling and refuses to cooperate in the session. He's old enough and smart enough now to know exactly what they think he might be capable of due to his mental health and this hurts him.
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    Such a tragedy, and such a waste. :9-07tears:
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    So very tragic :9-07tears:
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    I feel for the shooter's parents
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    The shooter lives a couple blocks from where I grew up and where my Dad lives, it use to be a nice neighbor but has deteriorated over the years badly and as the old timers die the houses are sold to HUD. He has been in trouble with the law many times. He's been arrested for domestic violence on his mother, he was the product of a domestic violence charge when he was five, his parents are divorced and the dad is not in the picture, His brother was arrested the day before the shooting for carrying a gun while on probation. He was involved in a drive by shooting a couple weeks ago, his discipline record at school is long and troubled. Teachers, neighbors, peers, all knew he would blow some day.

    Police had been called to his home many times over the years, it was a troubled and dysfunctional home. He was sent to an interim shelter facility (which is right down the street from my Dad) until a bed became available in the youth development center and while there tried to kill himself. He was put on medications and finally sent to the detention center. Upon his release he refused to follow his probation and did not take his medications. He was described as a very angry young man, ordered into anger management classes and family counseling.

    He entered the school from the front door even though he was suspended for fighting the day before. There is a security guard at the door but he was not stopped. He was carrying a duffel bag with clothes, guns and knives. He went to the 4th floor where the classrooms are held, changed into black clothes in the restroom, took the guns out, and went out and shot the two teachers who were involved in suspending him. Evidently another student saw him changing into the black clothes and didn't alert anyone.

    This is a troubling situation as many thing failed for this to happen. The teen comes from a troubled home, lives in a troubled neighborhood, has been in trouble numerous times, the school's security is very lax, there were warning signs....blaring warning signs.