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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Suz, May 29, 2012.

  1. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    I must say that I think Emily is the definition of "Steel Magnolia" and I mean that in a good way. She has a sweet, gentle demeanor but she also seems to know what she wants and she refuses to suffer fools.

    As a single woman who spent awhile on a couple of internet dating sites, I could really relate to her last night. She asked very direct questions and didn't want to waste her time with anyone who didn't give an answer she was looking for- haha- much like me on my dates! Life is too short to waste on idiots (Mr. Compromise-Alesandro?) or even nice people where the timing stinks (Tony?).

    Sean is my favorite for her. No question. He's attractive, has strong family ties and faith, appears to be a good kisser :cutie_pie:

    What are your thoughts?

  2. Ephchap

    Ephchap Active Member

    I read on one of the boards (I think it was that his use of compromise was just his translating from Portugese wrong - that would be commitment in his native language. Since I didn't see or hear that anywhere else, who knows. Just thought he was quite the doofus anyway - between dating his third cousin, to admitting cheating, to his one night stands. Definitely not for Emily and glad she gave him the boot pronto, without even waiting for the rose ceremony.

    Tony didn't do too well either - if she gets fat, he will still love her, but not love on her? I really thought she'd give him the boot right then and there too.

    How about the guy who came in by helicopter (his name escapes me) telling her he loves to hear her, but didn't want her interrupting him??? OMG. She was NOT happy after that, and I was surprised he got a rose.

    I loved how over the moon she was at meeting Dolly Parton. She genuinely looked surprised, so I'm assuming she really was. It was cute.

    She seems quite taken with Ari and Sean. The other one she likes is the other dad, but she doesn't seem"smitten" with him like the other two. Oh, and the first guy she had the date with last night too - I think his name is Chris, though she seemed worried at how young he is.

    I like Sean the best for her so far too, Suz. I agree with your description ... and add ... not too shabby without his shirt on either !!! ;)

  3. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    Was it sweet Tony (with the 5 year old son) who made that comment about getting fat? I remember the comment but not the man who said it. I am thinking it was Chris, the pro trainer, but my memory stinks so you are probably right.

    Yes- Kailon------------OMG, what a pompous donkey (sorry, Star, I know they are not the same)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think she would have given him the boot but apparently Stevie turned her off more. LMAO!

    I did enjoy her comment that she likes tall, skinny men but not tall, skinny and condescending (or patronizing- same difference) men. :rofl:

  4. Nancy

    Nancy Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I believe it was Ryan who said if she gained weight he would still love her but not love on her. Tony was the one who cried all the time. I couldn't figure out if his tears were genuine and wondered whether he was sorry after she sent him home.

    I'm thinking she really likes the nascar guy Arie although I thought she liked Chris too.

  5. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    You are right Nancy. I had Ryan's face with Chris' name. lol. There are still too many guys for me to be able to remember who they are!

  6. Jody

    Jody Active Member

    Stevie must have really done something bad. Does anyone know what he did to not get a rose, when that jerk Kalon got one. I almost died when he said that to her. I would have sent him home right then and there too. I just don't understand her keeping him but then I figured I must have missed something with Stevie.
  7. Tiapet

    Tiapet Old Hand

    Oh my gosh, what and episode huh?

    Alessandro, I believe some of it was language barrier but I also believe that no matter what, he had faults and there was no way he was going to even come close to being some one for her. I thought that right from the get go.

    Kalon, wow! That guy is the other one, main one from the beginning that I thought what the heck??? I think he is just so full of himself, self righteous maybe? I don't know but I'm so glad her comment/after thought means she is on to him. He has been stirring the pot with the others from the beginning. Even they don't like him.

    Tony, I don't know how I feel on this. I get the crying. Was it real? It seems to me it was. Her letting him go, I'm not sure that that was the answer at least the way she put it exactly or maybe it was the right way? She said she didn't want to keep anyone there longer then she needed to (for no reason) so perhaps she already had realized there was not a connection going on with him so she let him go? Maybe that's what it was that I did pick up on and hear correctly?

    Sean, yup, he's the one I keep saying seems to be the one or at least a very big top contender. Something is just there bugging me about him and I don't know what it is. Kind of like the "too good to be true" type feeling.

    Arie, they click and all seems wonderful with them but is it? I am really wondering if she is not doing a "transference" of feelings for her ex who died and was so very similar to him and this is why things are they way they are. It will be hard to sift this out for her/us/everyone in reality. She's going to have to be the one to come to reality if it is what has or is happening, you know?

    Jef, by far I really think he's too juvenile for her though he may very well have "life experiences" under his belt from having a jump start in life compared to most. I just don't think she can look at him with any seriousness nor do they seem to be any kind of match.

    Ugh, and Ryan!!! Really???? His looks alone to me foretold that kind of answer he said. He's going to be out of there soon I think, hope. I think she will store that tidbit in her head. I really don't think she did not hear it though I could be wrong. She could very well have "heard" it but not really processed it fully.

    Again, I loved that they did the real world mom things with the guys. Of course some of them could have easily played this one off temporarily as you could "fake" liking kids for a brief time. Some of them did act just like kids themselves but is that necessarily a bad thing? You'd have to put them in situations repeatedly to see just how child like they truly are to know the answer I think before judging. Others you could see if they clearly just didn't have "kid friendly" about themselves.

    I do believe she was genuinely surprised and celebrity-shocked by Dolly. Enough that I don't think she actually took in anything of what Dolly told her and if asked would be hard pressed to recall it! LOL I think because of that it also enhanced her date with him and made it that much more of an "Awwww" moment and such. I can't believe they closed down the whole park for just them. That must have cost a pretty penny to do. I don't think they shot it during off season as it's open all the way through December then closed only until about March. Too cold other times and it sure didn't look cold when they were there did it? I guess it helps with advertizing the park too by doing it so that might be the incentive.

    I agree with Suz, she is very much like a Steel Magnolia in a good way. I'm not a convert over to her but I'm starting to see small glimpses of a side of her that I would like to see more of. Just wondering why her friends are so much older then her? Not a judgement in anyway but just curious if this plays into what makes "Emily" Emily and if her personality traits match what I think.

    I'll keep watching, as you all. Would love to see more of stuff like this.
  8. Nancy

    Nancy Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I had to look up Emily's age when she made that comment about being too young because I thought she was only 25, and she is. But I think she is much more mature than most 25 year olds because of what she has been through and raising her daughter as a single mom so young. And maybe that's why her friends seem older and more settled. They are probably moms with kids that her daughter plays with and given where she is living they are older, not too many 25 year olds that can afford to live where she is.

    I read an interview she gave and she said she didn't ask the right questions during her first time with Brad and this time she was going to ask the questions she needed to know to really get to know whether the guys were a good match for her and Ricky and that she was not going to keep anyone around (for drama). That will be refreshing, although the producers probably think boring.

    The thing I don't get is that she is so pretty and so available and has money and should have guys knocking down her door to date her and some of them should be good prospects. I mean can they all be losers? So why is she still single. Her one girlfriend said she was dating guys that weren't right for her. I know it's early but I just don't see anyone in this group that I think is a really good match for her.

    I agree there is something about Sean I'm not sure about and can't put my finger on.
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  9. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    I didn't see anything about Stevie that would cause him to get ousted so I figured that she just wasn't attracted to him.

    I've read some stories online about Arye that are not good. It will be interesting to see if they are true. No stories about Sean.

    No idea about why she is still single- too picky?

  10. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    Just for the sake of being a PIA :916blusher: I think the cart is before the horse. There are a bunch of potentially good Daddy's who wouldn't be potential "keepers" as dates and future lovers. During my six single years I dated a number of men but I only brought two home to meet the children. I'm rootin' for her but I think the goal should be for her to find a lifepartner who also is appropriate Daddy material. DDD
  11. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    I don't think anyone would disagree with you, D3.