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    Here is another of the deals I have found. So many of us have lost at least 1 source of income that ANY deal on something we actually purchase/need is helpful. I hope y'all are not sick of me posting these things. If you are, let me know.

    Anyway, Jess and thank you decided to do a deep clean on the living room the other day. NOT sure why but they did a nice job. They found some of those keyring tags that are from our electric cooperative. They are a fairly large discount deal that is free from our co-op.

    I found 91 deals within 15 miles of my home!!!!! Some I won't use, like hotels and fake nails and other stuff. Others will be really great to have!

    There were also a lot of national deals. Hotels, rental cars, tickets to events, etc. You can even get 15% off of Lands End gift certificates in the amounts of $25, $50 and $100. Then you can use the discount GC to buy clearance and sale stuff from lands end to REALLY save!

    This program is set up by Touchstone Energy which seems to be the umbrella that our co-op is a member of.

    Check the website for your energy company to see if anything like this is listed under member benefits. If you are in doubt, or don't want to look them up, call and ask.

    You might also ask about the fluorescent light bulbs. Our co-op gave every member enough lightbulbs to fill EVERY lamp and light fixture in the house. For FREE!

    (I keep wanting to abbreviate cooperative as coop. But that makes me think of chickens.)

    Happy Saving!
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    Just put a dash inbetween, i.e. co-op

    Our electric company is giving 50.00 rebates on your old or second fridges - I have two sitting here not being used, so that will be a nice 100.00