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  1. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    After reading Jena's weird thread this made me think of posting this. I haven't been keeping in touch with my Father after his drunken gun threatening to kill all of us tirade.
    But I am being cordial if he writes, just so he doesn't do anything weirder.
    (He is in the middle of setting up some strange things with my Brother's pregnant girlfriend, getting her to deliver in Mexico for various illegal reasons)

    So he just sent me this e-mail after I thanked him for a gift he sent to N for her Birthday.

    Hi Xxxxxx,
    I am glad she likes it. We were going to call, BUT our phones are out for almost a week! Not sure how much I can take of this place, but I will survive! Crazy.

    We had our buyers today and they now will let us know in a week, they said it was a done deal. But I should also mention that they brought a Witch! Serious, they brought a witch that checks out all their properties and investments, She ask us if our daughter had been here lately and stayed in the last two rooms with her daughter? And had issues? ***? She then poured honey on a rock and said some things and said that you two should start feeling better today! So let me know if you feel any different in the next couple of days. She was dead serious. She told us to tell you to also keep your hair short off your neck, and that you and K would start feeling a very small change everyday for the better. She said that if you came to see her she could fix everything. Kind of crazy! S was scared by her. She put honey on S's hands and made her put them in the ocean!

    And she said our home was o'k once she did all that, the last property took weeks!

    I will let you know what happens we are headed to the store to buy some more honey! Love XXXX

    OK, so I lived with a healer off and on in High School when my Dad was in Mexico a lot. husband also has a friend who is very famous and works on people in this capacity somewhat.
    So husband believes on some level.

    K and I both have pretty prominent angel kisses on the back of our necks.

    The thing that bugs me is that my Adopted Dad who practices Rieki and works with healers said that he felt that K was more like a Shaman in their eyes and had a positive spirit, not negative by any means.
    He said that her visions were considered a blessing. He said said they feel this way about most kids that have visions, if they are guided in the right way.

    Possiblity 1-I felt that this "Witch" may have been bad, and was not telling the truth about the negative energy from my Father and my Brother at the house.

    Because my Father's Wife S is very sweet and she has issues and was trying to talk to husband and I about my Dad but was fearful.

    I think the witch was looking to get the feminine energy out of the house for some reason?

    Possiblity 2- Maybe she did not want to reveal how evil my Father and my Brother are in front of my Dad. Maybe she honestly wanted to help heal me and S and K?

    Who knows...

    But I thought it was very weird.
    Possibility 3- My Dad could be full of carp! but once again i don't know why he lies about this stuff, but he could be...

    I know a lot of you have had experiences, what do you all think?
  2. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I'm guessing if she was dead on about you and daughter.........She is not dumb enough to say anything about Dad being evil. Otherwise she wouldn't be working long. This is not to say she didn't tell who she was working for. I guess you'll know for sure if you discovered the buyer suddenly backs out of the deal.

    I dunno. I don't know much about this type of "witch" "healer" whatever, but I'm wondering if she did the honey and ocean thing with S due to your father? And you notice that she did nothing with your Dad. At. All. Hmmm.

    Weird yes. But I guess not for Mexico. Just depends on your culture.

    Guess you'll have to wait and find out if you start feeling better.
  3. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    I know? Mexico has lots of healers and it is part of the culture for some.

    I have been feeling fine but this was prior to her...
    I just found it kind of fascinating!
    husband is making K and I wear our hair up! LOL
  4. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    LOL about husband making you wear your hair up. Hey, it doesn't hurt anything. :)
  5. Lothlorien

    Lothlorien Active Member Staff Member

    That makes my hair stand up, for sure. Maybe he's leaving the part out where she told him the bad stuff. OR, maybe she sensed him and knew that she couldn't speak out or he might get aggressive.
  6. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    OK, a few things here.

    1) I used to read up a lot on witchcraft when I was younger. I was curious, that's all. But although I never personally dabbled, I got to know a lot about how it works.

    2) This doesn't sound like witchcraft. it sounds like - fantasy. Imagination. Trash. Confusing mumbo jumbo. Which brings me to...

    3) Either this didn't happen at all like this (ie your father made it all up out of his own tiny little mind) or

    4) SHE made it all up, using whatever information she had been able to glean form your father. It's easy to do. Which would make it a confidence trick, rather than someone who really believes in what she is doing, someone who knows she is fake and is constantly trawling for new suckers.

    It is really easy to do, to hook someone in. Motive - sometimes it's just to make themselves feel important (the person who made up the 'weird magic' - the woman, or your father). Sometimes it's to milk people for money. "If you pay me $500 I can have the curse lifted from you. Didn't know you were cursed? well, how well has your life REALLY been going lately? Oh, it's ben good? Well, you want it to stay that way, don't you? Oh, it's relaly been bad? Then let's improve it."

    My final advice - don't get hoooked in.

  7. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Marg my first thought was that she has her employers scammed. They have her going from property to property, "cleansing/ridding" them of bad spirits or energy.

    I don't know. I am obviously not going down there to be healed or fixed! LOL
    husband told K and I to wear our hair up kind of as a joke but as a, "let's just see?"

    My Dad is just a strange person.

    I don't mind these things as long as they don't start turning into my child being evil, then keep it to yourself.
  8. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    They won't be getting that service for free. And any fringe benefits would be personal referrals to people who need personal 'cleansings'.

    You can get the same thing in 'faith healers' too. husband has met this, so has the bloke who was Best Man at our wedding (only he believed it).

    Best Man came to us and said, as part of idle conversation, "I was once healed of having one leg longer than the other."
    "Yeah? I didn't know you used to have one leg longer than the other," we replied.
    "Neither did I," he told us. The person found it the same night, and then healed it. But I saw it with my own eyes, it was a miracle."
    husband said, "Yeah, the same thing happened to me. Maybe it was the same person?"

    We knew better than to try to tell Best Man how it's done; but afterwards, husband explained to me how it works. The "faith healer" holds your legs out in front of you (this was also described by Best Man). You only need to hold the legs at a slight angle to one side and you can see a difference in leg length, caused simply by not being perfectly lined up. The 'healer' then does some mumbo jumbo of sorts, and then holds your legs out again (this time correcting the angle he's holding, to make your legs look straight) and - "HEALED"!!

    I'm not saying that it's not possible, but there are too many people out there just itching to take advantage of people like our Best Man.

    In his case, I doubt that any money changed hands. That night. But it would have brought many people in to the bloke's "ministry" and that would have given him kudos, contributions, fame and publicity.

    We also have had our current affairs people exposing "faith healers" or seers who claim to lift curses, for a huge fee. Generally people didn't know they were cursed to begin with. But if you loook into your life you can generally find things that haven't gone perfectly to plan and if you look for bad stuff, you will find it. Or if you can't find it, you can still be made afraid that things ARE ABOUT TO go bad.

    If you truly believe that God heals and answers prayers, then why would you believe that this could only happen through the agency of one particular person and not simply an answer to ANY prayer by ANY person?

    By all means wear your hair off your neck if you want to. It will probably be cooler in summer, anyway. But doing so can keep in mind the message that was passed on to you, it lets her get under your skin. Just keep your guard up, that is all. It can leave you ripe for exploitation.

    I just had another look at the message delivered to you.

    If we assume your father is telling the truth, then somehow tis woman 'guessed' that either you or your daughter have "issues". She said this AFTER she met your father and looked around the house. Well, it is amazing how much our house can tell about us. Or even a space we have been in and perhaps left our mark. An unmade bed; a kid's picture on the wall or on the fridge. It might be obvious from the house that the spare rooms are regularly in use. Your father could well have pictures of you (and your daughter) in that house. He's used to seeing them so doesn't even think of them. A woman who earns a living convincing people she has mystical powers would be good at reading people and using every clue possible.

    As for "having issues" - she couldprobably work that out fast form your father. A bloke who comes across as a bit oddball will either be easily convinced that his offspring have issues, or they may genuinely have issues purely from having had to grow up dealing with him! It's an educated guess with a good understanding of human nature. There is almost ALWAYS conflict at some level between parent & child, and a difficult person (I gather that describes your father?) would be more willing to believe that YOU have issues, than he does.

    As for you "feeling better soon" - when someone says to us, "You look awful! Are you feelnig alright?" most of us will immediately be aware of every mild ache and pain and wonder, at least for a few minutes, if we are coming down with something. Even if we feel fine, the power of suggestion can be quite strong.

    And even if you don't feel any different over the next few days, so what? The idea has been planted in your father, who will only 'know' you feel different if you tell him. Your failure to tell him will in his mind be due to your reluctance to tell him, rather than you feeling the same because nothing really was done. If you said to him, "That won=man is a fraud, we have not felt any different," he would either not believe you, or beleive you to be unobservant. Or a sceptic, not worthy of receiving any benefit from this woman.

    It's subtle, it's insidious. And it's utter bunkum, because it can never be properly tested.

    I wonder just how deep this 'witch' has got her claws into the real estate person who brought her?

    My brother, years ago, went bankrupt. His wife was consulting a fortune teller at the time, and would have been confiding in her fairly deeply. So the fortune teller would have known about the financial troubles, would have known every tiny detail. So when the fortune teller told them, "I predict you will move interstate. You need to do this in order to regain the fortune you have just lost. You WILL make your money back, if you move interstate."
    Of course they moved interstate. And no, they have NOT made their money back. But the fortune teller predicted they would move.

    But it was an obvious prediction - if you are a bankrupt, there is a ban on how many years you have to wait, before you can start another business IN THAT STATE. Moving interstate negated that ban.

    And when they moved - that is known as self-fulfilling prophecy. It's like a kid being told, "You can do this, I have fiath in you," and seeing them get up and try again. Then we say, "See? I knew you could do it!" Our confidence in our child pushed him that much harder to achieve. If he had not succeeded, we would have had something to say that still would have been supportive and encouraging.

    It's also known as "having a bet each way".

    I never used to be so cynical...

    My favourite author, Terry Pratchett, has witches in his stories. They describe the process of manipulating people to do what you want, as "headology".

    I think the witch your father met was good at headology.