Anti anxiety suggestions anyone?

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    Ugh. So I posted a update on page 2 of my thread I posted about my aunts heart attack. If you have had the chance to read there, it goes to the reason I'm having anxiety again rearing its ugly head. To be fair, i was having a increasing problem with it for a few days before my aunts heart attack, but the update in that post shows what cranked the anxiety higher today. Until this, the anxiety creeping in I attribute to the goings on with the police etc re: my father.

    I am doing the traditional and much needed things: taking care of myself, eating well, trying to get sunshine and exercise, relaxing as much as possible, keeping busy with things that make me happy and cause me to feel good, putting myself first, trying to not think about the issue of my fathers pending arrest at all if I can help it. So this may contradict the fact that I have increasingly bad anxiety going on, but in fact I've been doing a pretty good job of staying balanced and focused on the right stuff during this past 2 months of stuff with the police and the new revelations I've been getting about his past and other victims etc. I'm doing so well on a day to day basis at handing what is in my daily control and making each day a good one. I can't see anything to add to my days to improve that aspect of coping mechanism. Yet here the anxiety grows anyhow. And now with my aunts heart attack, and the fall out in my other threads update re: my brother, BiPolar (BP) mother, aunts ex husband etc the anxiety that was creeping in on me seems to have decided to ignore my attempts to stick to healthy days and patterns. It's not enough in and of itself. I obviously need to add something more.

    I've contemplated a walk in for anxiety medications. I dont have a doctor but I can use the walk ins and they will issue my anxiety script. Haven't had one in 2 years or so, but it's well documented the years I needed them. I just really wish I could find a way to conquer the anxiety without a script.

    Any suggestions of things that worked for you all or your family members etc? Natural supplements, vitamins, anything at all really that works I'd give a college try.
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    I mentioned in another thread that I used to use Kava Kava. Someone then also mentioned potential negative liver issues. But if you are looking for "natural" it might be worth your research time. Worked quite nicely for me. Nothing is side-effect free these days.
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    It sounds like you're doing most of the non medication recommended things already.

    Anxiety with the amount of stress you're under (even though you're taking good steps to reduce it) and the situation with the case.....I'd say is normal. I can understand not wanting to take a medication for it unless you have to........but if you need it you need it, and I'm thinking as the case moves forward you're going to see the anxiety go UP instead of down. Just because you get the medication doesn't mean you have to take it all the time. You could see if the other methods work first, then if they don't, take the medication.
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    I agree with Lisa, you're doing all you can with-o medications. It would be good to at least have them on hand should you become so overwhelmed, you can take them.Natural supplements include the Kava Kava, as's worth noting that you need to take a lot for decent period of time before there are adverse effects on the liver. Another successful supplement is Valerian Root and even St. Johnswort. You can try chamomile tea, or look for specifically for a tea that helps soothe the nerves at the health food store-they often combine the kava kava, chamomile, and valerian among other things.Adding a yoga class may be beneficial as it will teach you deep slow breathing techniques that automatically calm and reduce anxiety.And lastly, is there any way for you to schedule time to 'unplug'? You know, turn off phones,computers, don't take calls or check emails, etc? Unplugging is a great way to reduce anxiety. If you can't completely unplug, can you allocate times, such as after 4pm, no more phones or computer...that will give you a few hours before bed to unwind from it all and perhaps relax. Big hugs, you've got a lot all at once.
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    Did you add getting enough sleep to your long list? Hard for moms to get enough sleep but gotta try.

    When you are doing all the right things and are still struggling, it may be time for the medications. If you are prone to panic attacks, atleast get a PRN for those situations.

    When my son was dealing with his extreme anxiety, he had a list of "tools" to use to help get through. Breathing exercises, journaling, changing the activity. He used a stress reliever throughout the day to lessen those moments.

    difficult child is on anti-anxiety medications and people who did not know him three years ago have no clue of the nightmares he went through fighting the anxiety. He is doing awesome. However, on the rare occasions that he forgets to take his daily medications, I can see him starting to slip back to the anxiety state.

    As for non-medication remedies, the physical exercise, eating well, and getting enough sleep are the foundations. Add lots of relaxation methods (breathing exercises and such) and continue to do the things you are all ready doing.

    Research Vitamin D. difficult child takes it and I thought it was suggested by his neurologist for migrane prevention but I think his psychiatrist suggested it at one time also.
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    A super B complex is very good for stress and anxiety. I've been taking a really good one and giving it to Missy recently too. It's by Mega Food and it's called Un-Stress.
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    Anti Anxiety Vitamins and techniques...

    Would agree with- the others. I would not be with-o my special vitamins that have helped me tremendously with anxiety and mild depression. They include: B complex, D3 (gel type) and Fish Oil. When things are really bad, I add B6 to the mix for a little while. All of this on top of my multi, etc.

    Regular exercise helps me too. If I am REALLY REALLY stressed and tired, I'll cut back a little on the exercise a little and temporarily...but I do NOT blow it off. My thought is if I am over the top stressed and tired, too much exercise can make it worse. So, for a little while, I'll cut back...but then put it back to my regular routine a few days later.

    I also agree, that it is super important to do my/our best to get regular sleep. NOT an easy task and it sometimes seems counterintuitive. For me, when I'm anxious...I want to stay up and "think" about my problems. I have to FIGHT this thought...cause it ONLY make the situation WORSE.

    It is MUCH better for me to actually go to bed 30 minutes EARLIER when under stress and/or feeling anxiety. Take a bath with epsom salts, lower the ac, making it REAL cold and get in some comfy pjs and go to bed a little earlier, etc. The etra sleep does me GOOD.

    Once in a blue moon I'll take a tiny amount of Melatonin for sleep....I take a super small dosage (less than .5 mg) that you can buy at Life Extention.

    What also helps me is reading comforting books....I turn off the tv and read for a good thirty minutes. When under extreme stress...I'll listen to tapes. I love it. Do you have any relaxing hobbies like this?

    You might look at Amazon...I like Louise Hay "stuff." Not everyone's cup of tea, but I find her affirmation work very powerful and very relaxing.

    Another weird thing that might help is to pick up/tidy your bedroom! If mine is super bugs me! And if it is really messy...I"ll just do a little at a time....might take me two or three nights. I wont worry about it. Just every night before bed...I'll pick up let's say ten items. I know soon it will look really good. When I'm done, I find this comforting and it helps relax me.

    I'm also a big believer in talking with friends when there is too much on one's mind and if the situation is out of hand....seeking the advice of a therapist.

    in my humble opinion, anti anxiety medications have their place. However, they should be used rarely, for extreme situations, with extreme care and for extremely short periods of time only.
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    I do have Ativan which I take on an "as needed" basis. Most of the time I take one at bedtime as a good night's sleep is totally imperative for my stress control. on the other hand, it gives me peace of mind to know that I could take four a day. I've taken two in a day twice in the past year. Somehow I'm afraid that I might become addicted. DDD