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    Hi all. It's been a rough few months. In the past on and off I have struggled with anxiety. I've learned to live with it for the most part but I struggle greatly when we travel. We are leaving today for a sports tournament that is 6 hours away from home. It's a long one too as we won't be back until very late Sunday night. I was doing okay until today. Paralyzing anxiety and dread and worry that something terrible will happen away from home. I have essential oils to help calm me down but I'm kicking myself for not getting medications when I had the chance. We leave in an hour. Ugh. Anyone else experience this and if so how do you cope?.
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    The only thing I can offer is to try and control your breathing, slow deep breaths in and out while counting to 20.

    I'm sorry you are having a tough time but I am sure you will get through it. Do try and enjoy yourself. While driving look for the signs of fall. Enjoy the landscape.

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    I have experienced the "something awful is going to happen" anxiety many times.

    I used to suffer from it terribly when travelling, usually a horrible feeling that i would return home to find that my house had in some way been destroyed, or that my critters had died in kennels and i hadn't been notified.

    Oddly, since moving to my apartment, I'm not dealing with that specific anxiety, and overall my anxiety levels are somewhat lower.

    But yes, I used to have to fight a constant urge to turn around and rush back home, as if my presence could somehow prevent the "awful" from happening.
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    Thanks. We made it to our hotel and have settled in for the night. I am trying to relax. [emoji171]
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    Hi, Lila. I am glad that you arrived and feel better. I find avoiding foffee, which may make you more jumpy, a warm shower, and listening to music that takes you back to your earlier...more happy...less stressful times. For me it is 60's music and the Beatles.

    Also, watching a comedy. Laughter truly is the best medicine. Also, nice hand lotion or a piece of jewelery that symbolizes your faith or a loved one's heirloom jewelry. Deep breaths are good, too.

    My therapist has me think positively for at least 5 minutes and take notes...each day. It forces me to stop the 'negative record' playing in my head.

    You also told me once that a good book helps. I hope that your team wins!

    Either way...try to relax and have fun! Shopping therapy always seems to help me. It is NOT spending is 'therapy'.

    Take care,
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    I meant coffee...not 'foffee. Now, toffee you do not need to avoid. Desserts spelled backwards is stressed. So, of course, you are allowed desserts when you are stressed...or anxious!

    Take care.
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    I love toffee!. I used to make a cake that had toffee in it and used as a topping [emoji7]. Delicious
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    Feeling okay right now. I've managed to have a good time and my son is having a good sports weekend so far. 3 games down 2 more to go.
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    Lila, I am an awfulizer. I really want to go to Seattle. It is one of the things that I would regret not doing. I have planned the trip by car, plane, and train and have awfulized my way out of the trip countless times. I need to be like Nike and just do it.

    I am glad to hear that you made the trip and that it is going well. Kudos