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    I can feel my heart race I have so mich anxiety right now. I filed a police report after the hospital released my son to the street, psychotic, no money or food or phone! They released him 30 miles from where his group home is and he hasn't lived in SD very long.

    I am going hunting for him though I won't put him in my car knowing he is coming off Meth.
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    Stay safe I am so sorry this is happening.
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    Ugh sounds awful Shelley? What is your story? Maybe if you put it in your signature it will help us to remember!
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    My son is 40. He is a Schizophrenic Meth addict, Meth came first. He is conserved for grave disability with San Diego County and he has housing which is horrible and case management. He does well in locked facilities, within a month of discharge he relapses. I have replaced his eye glasses 3x in one month. His cell phone also because he sells it for drugs. His cigarettes are handed to him one pack a day so he won't sell them. He loses or throws away his clothing and posessions costing me plenty. He is sweet however and non violent with zero street smarts so I don't know how he finds food or shelter. He is caught up in this horrible addiction. Today I was ready to kill any drug pusher... MADD. Mother against drug dealers! He needs a year long rehab, ther are a few great ones in the bay area but down here they don't take dual diagnosis
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    Does he get schizophrenia due to meth? There is meth psychosis. If your son has never been sober since his schizophrenia diagnosis, how do they know it isnt the meth? If it could be, can he get into a rehab for detox? Does he want to go? Meth is awful for the mind. I am so sorry.
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    We tried to get him into detox again, he won't go because he is caught up in the addiction and my fear is what he will eventually do to get drugs. He has yet to commit a crime other than using. He has been sober for a year at a time while institutionalized and he does have Schizophrenia, however drugs even pot is the precursor to mental illness, or the trigger as they say if they use in their teens. It is like baking a nasty cake, a combination of drugs, environment, stress and genetics. Some can use drugs and their brains recover, some do not. So I guess the answer is I have seen plenty of drug induced Schizophrenia and that type usually does not respond so well to medication
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    shelley. i am sorry. my son too is dual diagnosis.

    would you be willing to share by private message the names of the bay area programs that take mentally ill? i am in ca too.

    i feel your fear and horror. it is the vulnerability that makes this so much harder. and other people sometimes do not see the vulnerability. just the drugs.

    i worked in prisons many years. many of the men had meth psychosis. if their sentence was long enough the psychosis quite frequntly cleared. i live in an area with heavy meth use for almost 30 years. i can see on the street and in stores (working!!)all the people who have quit and are functioning. how they did it i do not know. but they did.

    ps i did not prescribe medication but i monitored response. they did seem to respond. the drug caused the brain to change. as you know. it can take a long time to mend.

    your son's sweetness speaks to his mother and your relationship. there is a mother here whose son has schizophrenia. she has posted here over 2 years since she had to put out her son and file a restraining order. she has a thread. her name is feeling sad.

    it is hard for me to not go to the worst place with my sadness and fear. but a lot ofbtime the worst thing does not happen. if he has not turned to crime he may not. some strength in him is prevailing. it seems.
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    Shelley, I am so sorry. You have sure been at this a long, long time. I am not familiar with meth psychosis but I am familiar with mental illness and homelessness . My brother is a paranoid schizophrenic who spent years on the streets of L.A. until we got him on medication and SSI. My sister is bi-polar and my daughter has some disorder, just not diagnosed. My father was bi-polar as well. It's all exhausting, terrifying, sorrowful and agonizing.

    I'm responding to your post title, anxiety. I also know about anxiety. Anxiety created by my family's dramatic disorders. Given your story, you may already be aware of all of this....but if you aren't, here are some things that helped me with that anxiety.

    Therapy and group therapy for sure.
    Acupuncture, it is a miracle for getting ones whole system back in balance, back in a restful peace so that we can use our own system to heal. I'm convinced it's saved me.
    Meditation-you can also go on YOUTUBE and find guided meditations by Deepak Chopra, the Honest guys, or just do a search under anxiety and you'll get many hits.
    You can look for meditations or music with binaural beats which impact our brains and help calm us down. All on YOUTUBE.
    Exercise: just an 11 minute walk changes brain chemistry. Longer is better, but 11 will shift the brain.
    Diet: minimize sugar and caffeine.
    Supplements:A good quality Omega -3 Fish Oil, I take 1000mg per day, Data shows that along with exercise it can have the same result as antidepressants for mild depression.
    Pure organic Ashwagandha. It is used in other cultures for anxiety, it supports the nervous system. Mine is with black pepper extract
    Jarrow Inositol powder- also for anxiety

    You can google any of the supplements and make your own choices.

    Hang in there Shelley. This is hard. Continue posting. Get yourself as much support as you can, you deserve it.