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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Nina, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Nina

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    I haven't really been online since the holiday break, I've just been so tense with the way things have been going with difficult child and school I really didn't want to think about anything. OH but its Monday already and back to school. Boy I hope and pray he has a good day and doesn't get sent to ISS or worse. Not sure whats going on but lately he just seems to get so easily agitated. The whole thing has made me uneasy.

    I hadn't been online for a while when I started posting about a month ago and someone had made to comment how difficult it was to have issues arise after a period with out problems and it seems so true. I dont want to seem unthankful for the good summer and beginning of school year but my level of tolerance seems to be shorter than ever. I just don't know whats wrong with me.

    Anyway no sense in prolonging the inevitable I better get everyone ready to leave for school.

    I hope everyones transition back to school goes good.
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    I hope your difficult child's transition back to school after the break is a smooth one as well. This is the third post I have read this morning where moms have expressed anxiety about the prospect of their difficult child's returning to school - the phone calls, the notes, the punishments, the homework - school seems like more work for us than it does for them!

    I'm sorry that I don't remember the details of your difficult child, but does he have a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)? Seven seems awful young to already be given ISS. Just wondering what the issues are that are plauging your little one and how the school has addressed those issues.

    Wishing you a peaceful Monday.

  3. TerryJ2

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    Hi Nina,
    I know what you mean! I've got my fingers crossed for you. Are you seeing a therapist? Are you trying difficult child on any medications?
  4. Nina

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    BIP yes and he has just started to be seen by a behavioral therapist at school and we have started the process for a Special Education con. to meet with him as well. We are taking him to a new therapist outside of school as well this Wed will be 3rd visit. As for medications he is on Daytrana which I'm still unsure about, it definitly works on the hyper and attentiveness but still dealing with at time severe agressive behavior.

    I have read several stories from parents on the forum and know that the situation and admin. at school could be alot worse but still find myself frustrated.

    For Pete's sake what more can I do I just can't get his behavior under control fast enough for them. I feel presured by resent comments that they think my son would be better off in a differnet school setting namely a special behavioral class located at a different campus. I just am not ready to except that yet, but feel maybe thats why it seems for every little thing its start ISS. Which in his school is a desk outside the principal office. Maybe there tring to prove a point to me. Maybe I'm just reading to much into things but I just want to sceam sometimes. I hate when they make comments like that. I never know what the hell they mean. To be honost I have never been to this type of class maybe it would be better but maybe they just dont want to deal with him. It just doesn't feel right.

    Anyway I'm just tring to stay strong a take things day by day. On a much happier note he had a good day or at least didn't end up in the office. Whatever it was a much needed relief. Lets hope we can go for 2 in a row.

    Thanks for leting me vent.
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    hang in there. Don't let the school push you to anything you don't feel either wrong in your gut or not in the best interest of your son.

    Has your son been on any medications this year? What are his tdocs thinking about his diagnosis?