Any experience with a guardian ad litem?


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DCFS has transferred my grandson's case to a private organization because of his special needs. They will still be involved on a lesser scale. It all confuses me and I wonder what the machinations of this move entail. The state I live in is notoriously broke, behind in payments and the insurance they offer to at risk kids has so few doctors that take medicaid that appointments are being made into November for a hearing problem.

The latest was a call from a representative for a guardian ad litem for GS. They will be making a home visit to us mid-July. I looked it up on the internet and if any of you can offer clarification/interpretation as to whether this is a good protective measure for my grandson, if it will be in place beyond our fostering, if they will hold parents to account...please share anything you know, or anything I should ask of them.

We are getting into a routine with the little guy. My son is going to 2 AA meetings a week, GS's mother enters rehab on Monday. Saying prayers that God will guide us through this very uncertain time. Hoping he guides us to the right path in the meantime we'll be working overtime to do right by this precious boy.


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Tish, I did not know what the term meant but I googled it. Nolo Press has the most thorough explanation.

A GAL holds the power to make recommendations in the best interests of the child as to custody and visitation arrangements; exact powers and roles differ from State to State. The GAL who is typically an attorney evaluates options for the child, writes a report and presents the findings to the Court who makes a final determination.

Anybody who has had a custody battle in a divorce would have had a GAL. Do you know anybody that has gone through this? They would know what happens.

Sorry I do not know more. I am willing to help you do research online, if it will help you. Tish my heart is with you. I wish I could help.



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Huge difference!! I know it is hard, believe me. I really, really hope they get it together. For me, seeing the woman that my daughter is becoming made it all so worth it. I have no regrets and would do it all again if I had to. It really did get easier as we got into our routine.

Praying for you!!


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Our GAL basically just asked our foster what she wanted. Then listened. When it came time for court he stated what he thought was in her best interest.

We also had a GAL when Hubby adopted Tay. To make sure it was in her best interest to be adopted. Never met the guy but he stopped by Tay's school and talked to her then sent a recommendation in.


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My grandson's GAL in custody battle scared Bart to death. She was very involved in it and did not He thought she hated him. In the end, she made a fair decision that the child loves both parents so custody should be 50/50. It took a long time. Maybe it takes less time with a situation like this one. This GAL made home visits and talked to both parents in detail. They had to split the cost of paying her.