Any ideas for unusual Christmas gifts?


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I want to get at least one unusual and not pricey (maybe silly or WOW) gift for each of my kids and their SO this year. I already got my granddaughter a funny gift when she came here for was a poop emo hot potato game with a poop emo toy that played music. When you had to stop passing it, there was a toilet flushing sound! We were all was so funny. And just plain silly.

So I have two grown girls, two grown boys and two SOs for the girls. Then I have my grandson in St. Louis who is 10 but, in spite of being a straight A student and the class Geek, thinks anything poop is he may get the poop hot potato toy...I already sent him tons of poop emo stuffies.

Any ideas? Doesnt have to be funny, just unusual.


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Games can be fun for children and adults.

Years ago I bought a crazy game called “Fact or crxp” for my young adult son and we played it for years.

For kids their are sort of specialty version of old classics...especially Chutes and Ladders : example Angry Birds Chutes and Ladders.

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The other day in Home Goods I came a cross a fun item. it is a stress person that says "boss" across his chest (think stress ball in person form) I got one for my son. Home goods is a good place to wander :)
by the way.. Nessie ladle is available Amazon prime