Any ideas on decorating a studio apartment?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, May 30, 2011.

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    Although difficult child's disability may not be reinstated I'm trying to figure out how to fix up a studio apartment IF he gets approved and gets to move into the supported living complex. I haven't seen the unit but know it does not have a bedroom, it does have loads of built in storage (which I'm assuming includes space for clothes eliminating the need for a dresser) and all the kitchen essentials (microwave etc).

    He is not a neat-nik. In the apartment he had for six months all the furtniture was used....pretty obviously used...and even though he then had a separate bedroom everything was messy or beyond. I think it is important to make "his" home neat & nice as much as possible.

    Obviously he needs a futon or a sleeper sofa, lamps and someplace for "company" if he has a visitor to play games or watch tv. I'm thinking less is more but I have no sense of decorating. Is there a web site that features apartment decorating? I have looked for magazines but haven't seen any for small spaces. Once on AOL they had a feature showing NYC small apartments decorated in an appealing way. Any guidance? IF he gets it I don't want GFGmom to load it up with the used, stained, stuff from his first apartment. I hope to get "new" "used" furtniture that will make it welcoming and indicative of a fresh start. DDD

    Sense he is sloppy I was thinking maybe cheap leather that can be wiped clean in lieu of fabric that will soon be covered by catsup stains.
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    Kiddo and I have to share a one bedroom apartment, I used screw-in hooks, dowel rods, and curtains to make her a bedroom in the living room. Doesn't take much to change the color scheme for a different look, either. ;)
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    You two have already come up with-the ideas I would have. :) The only other thing I would do is have a bulletin board to pin announcements to, and a calendar on the wall. Oh, and a fabric laundry bag to store dirty clothes, a good habit to get into every day or every other day.
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    Hey,that Swiss Army key hack is a really neat idea!
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    Thanks for the direction. Isn't our CD family wonderful? Yeah, team. That will get my juices flowing. DDD
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    Would suggest not a lot of really DARK stuff - would make the room look smaller. Baskets are always good for storage. Also fold up chairs (the kind you see parents with at kid's soccer games) - some of them come with cup holders. Danny uses these when he has friends over as his room is small, and they don't take up a lot of room when folded up. And a futon/couch cover that is washable. I don't know if you have an IKEA store near where you live - they have tons of different decorated "rooms" and you may pick up some ideas from there on various storage things plus their website has rooms shown

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    Marcie, lol, of course I don't have big stores in our small community BUT we do have a Walmart and a Kmart. Yeah! DDD
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    Hulu has a show you can watch on the computer about this. It is called Small space big style.

    They have six episodes that are a bit over twenty min each. Much of the things are expensive and not doable in a rental place, but can be adapted to a small budget and a rental. I have gotten some cool ideas from the show.
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    when my son was living in a similar apartment, he got a loft bed with a futon under it. He had a small table with two chairs for dining/computer work.
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    DDD- Roomstogo. Go to the website, the highest quality furniture for a fraction of the cost of what you see elsewhere. The are in FLA, but deliver anywhere.