Any info about medications for autism?


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hi and welcome. I am tony's mom too but my ant is 24.
I have two autistic nephews. they both take medications and are in different spectrums of it. I dont know what they take. I am sure others will come in here soon. hang on.


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I was told that there are no medications for autism. 50% of autistic kids take medications, but not specifically for the autism. Interventions work best for the long term. Many autistic kids who self-harm or are violent take anti-psycotics, such as Risperdal.


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I am a classroom assistant working with autistic 5 year olds. Our kids range in abilities from savant, to serverely autistic. None of our kids have ever been on medication. Our parents have tried everything, from diets to mud baths and other things as well. The main focus for us is on communication. Is your child verbal? Does he use PECS? Consistancy is so important. Programs will pay for someone to come to your home to help him go through every routine, and to communicate and teach him life skills, even the most basic. All day every day. What do you think the medication would be for? Anxiety?-Alyssa


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Some autistic kids are self-abusive. The degree of it is usually consistent with how severe they are affected. Risperdal seems to be he biggest script for kids like that, however it does not address the autism per se, but the co-morbid problem. Many Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) kids are on medication.

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My son did well on Risperdal. It reduced his angry outbursts and made him feel less anxious. We had to Difficult Child it after 2 years though because of side effects. Stims and AD's worsened his behavior.

The combination of therapy and medications had the best results, not just one or the other but both at the same time. Hope you find something that helps.


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Our boys are on stimulants for the ADHD-like components of their autism. It made a huge difference in difficult child 3 especially, it was the stims which turned around the language delay.

Have you read Temple Grandin's books? "An Anthropologist on Mars" and "Thinking In Pictures" - she talks about the WOW factor, for any treatment or medication. She says that if you try something and notice a fabulous response, like, "Wow! What a major improvement!" then clearly you keep it up. But if you don't notice much change if any, then why bother with it?

People with autism can vary a great deal from one another. A lot of people look at my boys now and say, "But they're not autistic!" (they don't live with them). difficult child 1 has perfected the art of being considered eccentric. All he needs now is the bank balance to get away with it!

Seriously though, we got where we did by working things out for ourselves, ignoring a bad prognosis and just trying to help with what we could see they were struggling with. You need to learn to think outside the square and to teach them to do the same. Edward de Bono's books are also good. lateral thinking can really help find different ways to manage.

We told our boys that autism means their brains are wired and programmed differently, like the difference between Macs & PCs. As a text document comes off the printer, nobody can tell which sort of computer it was typed on, but each computer type needs entirely different software. In the same way, autistic kids need different teaching, to find their own way of learning that suits them best.

We found difficult child 3 learns best when he gets everything presented in one cohesive whole. He learnt to read and from there, learnt to talk, with medications helping. Now he won't shut up!



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My son also is on medications for ADHD--but certainly not all kids with autism also have ADHD symptoms. As far as I know, the only drug in the US that has actually been approved for use specifically for autism is risperdal. Lots of other stuff gets prescribed anyway, though.

That is stuff to treat symptoms. Biomedical approach (DAN doctors)seeks to actually cure autism using diet, supplements, and various forms of alternative medicine.