Any mp3 guru's in the house?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Dec 25, 2009.

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    husband got me a Coby 2gig mp3 player for Christmas. The problem? I'm an idiot. husband told me to go to to get songs...ok, fine. I go there, ask husband for help...Oh, I don't actually know how to use the site, I just know that's what people use. :slap:

    I downloaded almost an entire album from there today. It's on my computer....somewhere. I have no idea where it is and how to get it on the player.

    I've been messing with this stupid thing all day and have a whopping 19 songs on it. I tried to put a book on there but haven't had any luck with that either. I even called my techie neighbor and he's stymied.

    Any good EASY sites to get music?
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    The first thing we did with our mp3 player (iPod in our case) was to load all our CDs onto the computer, using iTunes. That way is also more legal (in most countries) - if you own the CD and you're using the mp3 player to listen to them and you're not sharing files, then you have legitimately bought the music and are using the mp3 to play the music you purchased. Until recently, this was not legal. It is now, at least in Australia.

    iTunes is very useful, it does a lot of this for you. It also allows you access to the iTunes store online. You can buy iTunes credit which then allows you to buy just the mp3 files online often cheaper than buying the CDs).

    Then all you need to do is plug your pm3 player into the computer and use iTunes to download a file to the player.

    As for finding what you downloaded - can you remember what it was called? Then use your computer's search facility (or "find" facility) to work out where it is. Or you could search through your recent documents to find where the recent activity on your computer went to.

    See how that works for you.

    I'm a Mac peson but we do have easy child in the house as well as a resident couple of experts in husband and difficult child 3. They're not here at the moment but husband will find this next time he logs on.

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    I've just had a look Limewire is a P2P (Peer to Peer) downloader. These things are pretty sophisticated; NOT something I would recommend to someone who is not too experienced.

    Marge recommended and talked about iTunes but I'm not sure this will work with your Coby if you have a Windows machine. It can be used to 'rip' files. From my reading of the FAQ's you can use any suitable programme such as Media Player to 'rip' mp3 from your CD's to load.

    You should go to and check out about halfway down for some useful info. Some COBY MP3 Players have the ability to create MP3 files without a computer so see your player's documentation or visit the website.

    I work in tech support. Our creed is always "If in doubt read the instructions". Of course we hope you don't or else we would be out of jobs:D.

    Marg's Man
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    I tried a few times to go to their site. It would never load. I'm assuming that means I'm not the only idiot who got one of their products yesterday! LOL I'll try again today and see where I get. Thanks!