Any natural treatments for Sinua Infections?

Discussion in 'Healthful Living / Natural Treatments' started by Coookie, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Coookie

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    Thought I would ask the question. I have had a sinus infection for, what seems like years. I am alergic to pennicillan, codiene, sulfa (or er) and have tried what seems to be everything. I am not a big pill taker and sure would appreciate any help for this. It seems to come and go but when it is here it is miserable. :(

    Any thoughts?
  2. ML

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    My difficult child gets these also. There are a couple of things that I can suggest that you may find helpful.

    First try to limit dairy. I cannot totally give it up myself but to the best that you can, at least try to reduce it, especially if you feel yourself coming down with something.

    Next, do saline rinses on a daily basis. I know that you can buy them in the stores and they are simple to use. I bought a netti pot at the health food store. It looks like a mini teapot with a spout. You put in sea salt and warm water (not too hot). Just a pinch of salt should do it. You put the spout into one of your nostrils and lean your head over the sink so that the liquid drains out of the other nostril. Some will go down your throat too. You will be amazed at what comes out of there. This is one of the best preventative measures for sinus infections. You can really feel the difference.

    Lastly, if you've been on a lot of antibiotics I would do a some probiotics. What is in yoghurt may not be enough. Again, the local healthfood store has this and it's not too expensive. I have heard that the refrigerated kind is best.
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    I sent that off too quickly. I meant to add that I hope this helps and that you find relief! ML
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    Thanks M... (just noticed that I spelled Sinus wrong... oh well. :) )

    I am a big milk drinker, skim chocolate milk, so that will be tough to give up but I'm willing to try just about anything at this point. :( The only medications I have been on recently are the OTC sinus medications. None of which have really helped by the way. :(

    I will try what you suggested. These natural remedies are very foreign to me so it should be interesting.

    Thanks again. :)

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    Get a neti pot. Put warm water, salt, and baking soda in the water. Then poor it up your nose.

    Sounds gross but I swear it works! I got rid of a sinus infection in 2 days with no antibiotics. Now I use it daily to keep from getting them completely. I'm not even taking allergy medications anymore.
  6. Coookie

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    I will get one of those. Gross as it looks... if it helps it will be worth it. :)


  7. ScentofCedar

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    Well, this isn't very natural, but it helped me to use one of those twenty-four hour antihistamines ~ like Claritin (loratidine). Claritin D contains a decongestant as well as an antihistamine. I could not tolerate the decongestant because it made me nervous, but if it does not have that effect on you, that is the one I would try.

    Once I began using the Clairitin, I stopped developing sinus infections altogether.

    The other thing that seems to have made a difference for me is apple cider vinegar in a glass of water three to four times a day. I began using the vinegar to help with acid reflux, but found it seemed to keep my sinuses clearer, as well. I read somewhere that the acidity of the vinegar changes the pH in the throat, making it harder for most bacteria to thrive there, and that this is why the vinegar helps in the prevention of new infections.

    Once I get this asthma thing figured out, I will begin using the Clairitin again.

    I used a neti pot too, before I started the Claritin ~ it made a nice difference for me.

    Those sinus infections are so miserable, Coookie!

    I hope you find something that helps you.

  8. hearts and roses

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    Colloidal Silver knocks out my sister's debilitating sinus infections. She has them year round and antibiotics make them worse!!! She's had 2 surgeries and nasal sprays, etc. Nothing helped until she tried this. I use a neti-pot daily and it helps a lot, even cutting back on colds and allergies. My allergist swears by them.

    Here is an interesting letter I found from a woman who also tried the colloidal silver.

    Ingredients: Colloidal Silver
    Instructions: Colloidal Silver has been used to kill over 320 types of bacterias and 150 viruses. It kills them all, unlike antibiotics that
    can only a limited amounts of strains of bacterica.Colloidal Silver is found in Health food stores and isnt too expensive. I have been suffering from Sinus Infections for years since I had my nose fixed from a deviated septum.I am also a singer by trade, so I have to be able to sing. One day I was reading about Collodial Silver and its use on Warts, etc. then I read something about a company added it to their zinc Pray ( ZiCam, type of spray). Well, I decided to put a couple of drops of Colloidal Silver in my nose, wait a couple of minutes them blow my nose.I repeated the next day a couple of times. Well It works. The sinus i nfection was gone,I could breathe normally again and I was singing the
    next day at a wedding.I recommend trying it. Also make sure to take some of the drops under the tongue so it gets into your blood stream to kill bacteria and viruses. Works on Sore throats too. You can feel it working right away!
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    Thanks Jo....I've not heard of that, but I'll be checking into it, very soon. I'm just getting over a sinus infection that I kept at bay for several weeks, but had to end up with an antibiotic in the end.

    I use Kalibichromium to get it out of my system most of the time, or Pulsatilla. I give the kids Pulsatilla and also my husband, who cannot take normal decongestants because of high blood pressure. However, he can take the Pulsatilla without any side effects and it works well for him.
  10. scent of cedar

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    Oh, that's good to know, Loth. I will try the pulsatilla too, as I can't tolerate OTC decongestants, either.

  11. scent of cedar

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  12. Barbnsm

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    Our Dr. told me to take a supplement called Monolaurin or Lauricidin both which can be bought on-line. They worked wonders for me. I also suffered ALL the time until I started this. Good luck!
  13. Sara PA

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    Interesting. Another board I post on -- a much smaller board -- just had a neti pot thread. Four or five people on the board (fewer than 50 regular posters) use neti pots. One's a doctor. They use them for chronic sinusitis, allergies and migrains. All but one is totally sold on it. The one who isn't totally sold was trying it for migraines.
  14. susiestar

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    The company who sells the neti pot at walgreens also has a sinus rinse bottle. It is my favorite of the two. Our allergist highly recommends using 1 of these (either kind).

    The salt solution is mixed 3 parts salt, 1 part baking soda. Use 1/8 teaspoon in 8 oz water, or 1 of the little packets that comes with the bottle or pot from walgreens.

    The company is nielmed, though my pselling is off tonight. A lot of other stores sell this brand, but any brand will do.

    Sorry your sinus infection won't go away. As a teen the only way I got this to stop was to drink 1 GALLON of water a day for a LONG time. It still is the only way to get out of the cycle when I get into it.

    Have they checked to make sure that you don't have cysts or other problems in your sinus cavities??