Any one have chinchillas?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tinamarie1, Aug 11, 2008.

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    difficult child wanted a chinchilla. so bad that he saved up money all summer for one and all the supplies he needed for it. I really wasn't enthused. BUT we found a baby one that is the sweetest thing. I think Im in love. (don't call the looney bin on me)
    We have done some research online about them (before we got him), but I am wondering if anyone has had one before and some cute things you did with them/ neat toys you had for them. difficult child named him "Muffin" I had to restrain husband from making girly comments since Muffin is a boy. But we love him to pieces. We all play with him several times a day.
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    I've never had one, but congrats on the new family addition! My friends had one for several years and it was wonderful! It would sit on her shoulder in the mornings and it would fall asleep watching tv while my friend had her coffee.

    Are they NOT the very softest pet on this earth?


  3. Abbey

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    Only thing I remember from them is the petting thing. They lose fur quite easily. They are adorable, though.

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    Never got one, but definitely fell in love with- the ones at the pet store :D

    We were told to make sure the cage is tightly shut because they will run around the whole cage (lid included), don't grab them when they're scared because your hand print would stay on them forever.

    Have fun with- Muffin!
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    I pet sit for a family with chincillas. Ditto on keeping the cage tightly closed and it's a good idea to keep the door to the room they stay in closed because they're good at getting out of their cages.

    They do need exercise--30 minutes a day of out of cage time is what the family gives them.

    A favorite toy is a big flexible plastic corrugated tube--I don't know what they're actually called but people around here to drain sump pump drainage away from the house.
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    About 20 years ago, I was managing a store that had a pet store in the mall. I came in early one morning, walked past the pet store, and stopped to watch all the cute little chinchillas. They had escaped from their cages and were zipping around the store. There had to be a dozen of them jumping, running, was hilarious!
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    I had one for many years. Chilly was one of the coolest pets I have ever had. I really didn't have anything special for him to play with. He looked forward to his "dust baths" & would go crazy rolling around in them. I used to take him in bathroom with me & let him bounce off the walls while I was taking a bath....he enjoyed that for many months. BEWARE: their little rib cage can squeeze down to less than an inch. Chilly manged to squeeze himself under the vanity & my Dad had to bust out the whole bottom to get him out......learned a lesson there! LOL! He loved to hang out on my chest under my shirt & peek his little nose out the top.....I would carry him around for hours. Enjoy your new fur baby.....they sure are a pleasure to have around! Just be careful where you let him run around.....they sure do have fun finding the places where you can't get to them!!!!!
  9. Star*

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    How many of those do you have to have to get on an episode of Star Trek? (Trouble with Tribbles)

    OH GO ON!

    Lot's of dust, a bleached bone for chewing and a WODENT wheel for exercise.

    CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby.