Any plans for the week/weekend?


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It’s been a while since we have had a “fun” thread on this forum.

Let’s see if it creates any interest.

What are your plans for the week?


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Hello! We have Good Friday off so want to enjoy our first three day weekend in a while! Our son is off for a few days as well since he has been working a lot of hours and next week promises to be extremely busy. We plan on going to a nearby beach and for lunch one day and on Easter we are having a neighbor couple over for dinner so that will be fun. We will go to church of course also!

I hope that everyone has a blessed Easter


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Low-key week here,with beautiful weather. Doing some reading, some genealogy, and some transcribing of Revolutionary War records for a special project. I have surgery scheduled for Tuesday, and will just be healing up after that. Hubby is on board and will hopefully learn to read instructions and cook between now and then!


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Well, if there are any other Jewish people here, I can tell you what their plans are for this week and this weekend: This week we are cleaning, and shopping, and cooking and baking. The weekend: Passover begins. Friday night is the "Seder night" when we have a festive meal, reading the "Haggadah" which tells the tale of the exodus from Egypt. And then Passover lasts seven days here in Israel, eight days in the rest of the world. So now you all know what Jewish people are doing this week. I wish them all "Gut Yomtov," and I wish everyone else good festivals, since I know there are festivals of other religions at this time of year. Sending you all lots of love,

Love, Esther

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Hubby has Friday off. Daughter and her hubby will be here for food Easter Sunday. Daughter and I did Whole 30 for the month of March. Neither of us have been much for adding all the junk in we took out so most of the meal will be Whole 30 compliant and then there is cheesecake! Both hubbies got used to whole 30 too. Adam has always eaten that way just becasue he doen't like the items that are taken off the food list..except for sugar (of


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Today, I am making a light meal at the church for 50+ people. Then we have a Maundy Thursday service. The meal consists of a soup, various crackers, and a fruit tray. I cooked 10# of chicken breasts in the crockpot yesterday and it is shredded and ready. This morning, I will start chopping onions, celery and cabbage. We call it Russian Chicken Noodle soup as our exchange student from Russia first made it for us 20 years ago. Now it's our congregations favorite soup.

It seems like all the kids have their own plans for this weekend, so I won't be fixing an Easter Lunch, or hiding Easter eggs. The youngest us almost 19...and has plans with her boyfriend and his family that she now lives with. She hinted that since he isn't welcome at our home, but she is at his, it makes holidays difficult.

I told her that maybe in the future I might be ready for the next step, but I'm not right now. She...and he...has made the last 4.5 years of on again, off again relationship too much to welcome him with open arms.

I didn't read my litany of reasons to her, but here they are...

At age 14 he would pressure her to sneak out of our house to be with him. To even run away with him. To get put in juvenile detention because of him. He introduced her to smoking, drinking, weed and meth.

He married another girl two years ago. They have two sons together, and he has a third with another girl. He has no custody or true visitation with any child. The Xgf has her child, the estranged wife's older child is with an Xbf who has her oldest and middle child by husband. The Xbf has court custody of his child with her, and the one that is not his bio child. Then the wife's mom has court custody of the youngest.

He has put his wife in the hospital twice for beating her up, severely. So you can see why I have boundaries...

I guess I should have started this on a different forum. I'm just not willing to forgive and forget. Boundaries. But, I know that my stance will push my adopted granddaughter further away.



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Passover starts tomorrow night. Mrs. 200Meters & I have been busy with intensive cleaning (including the car) & food purchasing (including for the canine members of the family). We're going to friends in the neighborhood tomorrow night & are having another friend over for Saturday lunch. We'll start cooking tomorrow. We're off all next week & will go on daytrips, hikes, etc. depending on the weather.


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KSM can I have your soup recipe? Sounds yummy!

Oh my I wouldn't let him in my house either.

Easter Hugs to all.


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KSM can I have your soup recipe? Sounds yummy! Oh my I wouldn't let him in my house either. Easter Hugs to all.

Here is how we make it...

This is what Tatiana made for us when she
was here - many years ago. I don't have a "real" recipe.... just guidelines.
Saute chopped onions and celery and a clove or two of minced garlic (if you like
garlic) in a little vegetable oil or butter. (1 to 2 cups each chopped onions
and celery) once it is well cooked and translucent, add chopped cabbage (about 3
to 4 cups of cabbage - or a 8 to 10 oz bag of chopped cabbage) add water to
cover cabbage. I also add a little dried parsley and or chopped chives if I have
it on hand. (Can use canned chicken broth instead of water) When cabbage is
tender - add a 10 to 12 ounce can of chicken breast - shred it up as you put it
in. (or use left over chicken meat) Add more water so it is the consistency of
soup... and so that you can cook broken up spaghetti in it. If you used water -
add chicken bouillon powder to taste. I also add quite a bit of black pepper.
Once spaghetti is cooked - serve with a dollop of sour cream on top. This is the
recipe our church youth for their Chili luncheon.... we still do chili - but we
make as much of this as the chili... everyone looks forward to the Russian soup


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We went to a relative’s House for Easter Brunch and it was lovely. Lots of Spring decorations and lovely food.

We should do this type of post more often. :)


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nomad said:
We should do this type of post more often. :)


What was on the menu for brunch?

Passover (which like at least three other Jewish holydays can be summed up as "They tried to kill us, we won, let's eat") was good. I baked (wholewheat) banana & blueberry muffins. We made a nice broccoli pie and a lovely soup (pureed) with cauliflower, leeks & cashews.

Food is important!


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I recall! We had a daily post I think.
Maybe we can have a monthly or weekly. But, instead of posting every day...just post if something unusual or exciting is going on that day.
(Not that every day isn’t a blessing!)