Any small business people found "help" from IRS?

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    These past few years have been beyond the "doable" for paperwork. I am being pressured by the State and I know the IRS can't be far behind. I have three years to file and due to our health issues and the two crashings of our computer software I just don't "have" all the info necessary. The CPA's charged us five grand last time we were behind. I no longer have five grand. I telephoned IRS today and the polite and seemingly caring agent ended up saying "I'm sorry but that type of help is only available for individual taxpapers...not business."

    I want to get this monkey off my back. I can NOT afford the CPA's help. Chances are that I do not owe anything except delinquent fees as the business sales etc. have taken a nose dive in recent years. Any ideas from CD business people?

    The "only" other idea I have is to visit an unknown CPA firm (out of our town) and ask how much it costs for an hour consultation. If I luck onto someone who is knowledgeable they "might" tell me "you can submit multiple years with information explaining your shortcomings....etc....and maybe get it behind you. This is one of my MAJOR problems and I can't seem to "see" the path to take. DDD
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    Try H &R block- they offer free business consultations. Also, try the SBA. Your local office may be able to help. H worked ith the, when owning his business and got a lot of free advice from retired business people wo volunteer their services-including CPAs.


    PS-it's SCORE who helps small businesses-they're a division of the SBA.
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    Thank you for the suggestions. Although I am familiar with both options....I literally had not brought them to mind. I appreciate it! DDD