Any success with natural treatments and bipolar/mood stabilization?

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  1. Hi, my 10 year old is on Wellbutrin for her Non Verbal Learning Disorder and Risperidone for bipolar. She has gained quite a bit of weight on Risperidone and we wanted to see if we could cut her back a bit (she was on 2 mg, now 1 mg) to see if she would lose a few pounds. She has become very self conscious of her weight gain.

    Unfortunately, she is unbearable now. We are almost back to where we were - she is so irritable and flying off the handle every 2 seconds. I can't take much more. My husband wants to try the natural route for her bipolar. I'm not sure if anything will work. I have an amazing Homepath who is also an MD so I might take her to see him but I was wondering if anyone here had any luck with natural methods.

    Daughter - 10, NLD, ADHD, Bipolar, anxiety
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    My daughter was not diagnosis'ed with bipolar, but she was at one time diagnosis'ed with ODD and Depression. She also had the mood disorder-not otherwise specified and Intermittent Explosive Disorder diagnosis at one time.

    She was very irritable and could be violent in her anger. Lexapro worked for a while for her, but we had to keep increasing the dose. At the end, we were going to add an a/p to help with the violence.

    Then, we put her on the girlfriend/CF diet. We have been able to get her off the Lexapro and she is fine now. She's been doing it for 4 1/2 years, since she was about your daughter's age.

    The diet is not easy at first, but it has been a miracle for us.
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    Thank you for your reply. My youngest daughter and husband have Celiac Disease so I am very familiar with the gluten-free diet. My oldest isn't on the diet 100% (wheat bread in lunches, etc.) so maybe that is something I can look into for her as well.

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    If you have celiac disease in your family, I think it is even more likely this will help her. My other daughter had stomach problems from gluten but not full-blown celiac. We used Enterolab and then when she was positive, tested everyone else. My older daughter and I both tested positive for gluten intolerance, even without GI symptoms, and it has made a huge difference mentally for us.

    Enterolab also tests for milk problems and it turned out both of my daughters needed to give that up, too.

    I'm not really suggesting that test because really what convinced me was how everybody responded to the change in diet. But we came across this as an answer to my oldest daughter's mental health problems in searching for the cause of my younger daughter's stomach problems.
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    I KNOW that each person/child is different.
    Let me say this right from the start.
    However, our daughter was on Risperdal for a relatively long period of time. It was a good medication for her. One of the best. However, over time it caused a really bad side effect. It caused her to have REALLY bad hormonal problems (as well as weight gain) and by and large, it had to be discontinued.
    We switched to Abilify and only gave her a small amount of Risperdal when she was having extreme anxiety...(once in awhile). Just something to think about...might not be a good idea to continue with- this medication for long periods of time....certainly something to ask the Dr. about.
    Natural products...we have not had a lot of luck. For a period of time, she took Fish Oil and this seem to help a little.
    There are studies that say this DOES help with Bipolar Illness.
    Exercise, plenty of fresh air, a healthy diet...these seems seem to help a little as well.
    Sending good thoughts.
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    My 11 yr. old son is also on Risperidone(.50 mg), but we also have an MD who is a homeopath as well. He has been taking digestive enzymes per her recommendation and I think they really help his mood. We also would like to try a Gluten Free diet(he is already dairy-free), but it's just so hard.
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    It is not easy getting started, but it becomes second nature after a while. I felt the results in myself quickly so that gave me the motivation to stick with it for difficult child.