Any suggested sites for name brand men's shoes?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Apr 24, 2011.

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    We're pinching pennies :hangin: and easy child/difficult child needs a pair or two of shoes for the trip he's taking for a four day school. I haven't bought him shoes in ages and we used to have a site or two where the "hot" brand names were available on the cheap. Anybody have directions? He's going to have to wear regular clothes with no sagging shorts etc.

    I had to laugh. He's 24 hovering on 16. He found a pair of Nike's (I think) that he
    described as "very conservative black and whites that I can wear to the school and meetings". Then, lol, he added "guess what? I can wear them to my local club at home because they illuminate at night". Oh yeah. That's my "man child". We love him, anyway. DDD
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    try amazon and ebay. I would also google cheap shoes.
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    husband and M have such wide feet that I always get them shoes at Nordstrom Rack. They're good brand name shoes at probably less than 1/2 price. Is there one in your area?
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    Do you have a Marshalls or TJ MAX near you? They always have name brand shoes at insanely low prices.
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    O I love Zappos!

    Not the cheapest prices, though...
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    No Nordstrom's but there is a new Marshalls. Thanks for the sites He'll have fun cyber shopping. DDD
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