Any teeth whitening tips in between dental cleanings?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jody, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Jody

    Jody Active Member

    Does anyone have any teeth whitening tips? I have done the peroxide and baking soda. I can't afford the expensive teeth whiteners and not so sure they are okay for your teeth really. Has anyone tried those and had success. I was a soda drinker and a smoker and now I drink tea. I brush many times a day, but would like them to be much whiter.
  2. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    If you brush your teeth too often you might be weakening the tooth enamel, which might make your teeth more susceptible to staining.

    I use a toothpaste with baking soda in it, and it seems to keep the tea stains at bay. Have you talked to your dentist about strategies to prevent staining? They may have some suggestions for things you can do between visits.

  3. Mattsmom277

    Mattsmom277 Active Member

    I'm a smoker and I drink lots of tea, and a coffee a day. I haven't bought any recently but S/O and I were for a while buying a store brand (not name brand) product that we noticed a huge difference while using. We bought the store brand because the pharmacist told us how the product is the same as the pricey name brand. I am talking the same, from the same manufacturer, they just package in different bottles for the store brand. I can't recall the name of it but it was in a bottle and when you twisted the top it had a brush attached to it. You brushed the stuff on and left it on for I think it was 30 minutes, it foamed a bit and took some getting used to but wasn't a huge hassle or anything. Then you rinsed it out and I can't remember if you brushed right after or what, the directions were very simple though. I remember by the time we had done it daily for about a week we noticed huge differences and it improved from there. Perhaps speak to your pharmacy about their store label products and compare them to the name brand ones and see what they offer where you live? Personally I'm going to go have zoom whitening done next year. I'm so excited!
  4. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Ever since I began using an electric toothbrush my teeth have remained whiter longer. I shop around for the whitening strips and Walgreens has a decent whitening strips and they are often on sale. I bought the $50 pack of professional Crest strips and they worked very well, but they were pricey-bought them through the dentist. I see lots of sales and coupons and most of the whiteners use peroxide anyway, though a stronger concentrate. But I swear by the electric toothbrush!
  5. flutterby

    flutterby Fly away!

    Try Sensodyne Pro-Enamel Whitening. It's gentle, helps strengthen your enamel, and gently whitens.
  6. keista

    keista New Member

    Considering I'm a smoker and coffee drinker, me teeth are a decent color. all I know is that last month I switched from coffee to tea and now ALL my coffee mugs have wicked stains. Haven't noticed a change in my teeth, but it could be subtle. I use a toothpaste with whitener in it.

    Anyway, my kids' teeth get pretty yellow despite regular brushing and avoiding foods with dyes. Whenever I buy, and they start chewing Trident after every meal, their teeth whiten up. HOWEVER, this only happens with the Trident made with XYLITOL. Sometimes it's marked on the front of the package, other times you have to pull out the microscope and read the ingredients.

    XYLITOL is awesome stuff. It's an artificial sweetener that is actually GOOD for your teeth - it actually does a bit of 'repair work' to enamel.
  7. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    Tea drinking was the biggest stain producer for my teeth. I used to really enjoy tea and now I opt for water or coffee.
  8. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    Don't brush too much!!! Twice a day is good according to my dentist.

    I like the Sensodyne too. Also... to get rid of tea stains in coffee cups... hot cocoa. No joke. Weird, but it works.
  9. witzend

    witzend Well-Known Member

    Yes, brush no more than twice a day, and not too hard. You can ruin your enamel. I recently bought an electric toothbrush because my arms aren't strong enough to brush well due to my muscular dystrophy. I do like the cleanness I feel afterwards, but my have no smile muscles so I don't mind that my teeth are a dull color.

    Mattsmom, what store did you buy the brush on whitener at? husband would probably like to try it, but I wouldn't waste big $$ on a fad for him. He loses enthusiasm too quickly.
  10. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I just saw a new commercial for a whitener that is in a red tube that is supposed to be like whitening strips in a tube. Got no clue what the name is because it wouldnt be worth it to me for my few teeth but maybe you could check the isle for it.
  11. flutterby

    flutterby Fly away!

    Janet, that's Colgate. Rembrandt has also advertised toothpaste with the same whitening stuff dentist's offices use. If you have any kind of sensitivity, though, I'd be hesitant to try either of those.
  12. skeeter

    skeeter New Member

    First - many people don't have "white" teeth naturally. I never have. So you may not get them glow in the dark white no matter what you use.

    Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide is a good mix for brushing. It will whiten some, plus it's good for killing germs and helps prevent gingivitis.
  13. Mattsmom277

    Mattsmom277 Active Member

    Witz, I believe we first bought it at Shoppers Drug Mart which I don't believe are in the US. But I've also bought it at Walmart and even at Zellers. I'll be going to Walmart after the weekend so I'll see if I can find it and write the name down for you.
  14. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    I don't think Zellers is in the US either. But Walmart certainly is. Was it a store brand, or just not a "name" brand? I have to pop out to the shops today so I can have a look while I'm out and see if I can find it...
  15. Jody

    Jody Active Member

    Thanks everyone for the ideas. I am going to look at some electric tooth brushes today. I brush twice a day, that is also what my dentist recommends. I think it must be the tea. Since I have stopped drinking soda, I have increased my tea intake and they are just not as white as they used to be. I would also like to try the rembrandt. My friends here are as usual the best people to ask questions or advice to. I know this is a post about toothpaste, teeth, etc, but I just want to let you all know that you mean a lot to me and I really value your input and friendship. I don't belong to any other online forums and I don't want to. My computer is up and working now, so I can check in on the weekends. Yeah. Again thanks, all of you are great.