any way to get movie discounts?

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    Here are the gifts I plan too have for difficult child- 1) some clothes with the jeans that the stoore better be willing to exchange or take back, 2) trimmer for facial hair, 3) a 30-day "pass" at the movie/game rental store (that's what they call it- for $21 you can chaeck out as many games or movies you want within a month, but only one at a time), 4) a "coupon" from me good for an evening out with a friend that won't be able to be used until he's off house arrest

    I'd like for my "coupon" to be able to cover two tickets, drinks and popcorn or snack at a moviee theater, just in case I get brave enough to let him go on a first date and he has a girl to take out in a couple of months. But those prices are really steep, at least to me. Is there any way to get discounted prices on tickets or concessions- without going to the matinee?
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    Costco sells discounted movie tickets. They're not deeply discounted, but it shaves about $3 off each ticket. Could you talk to the theater about a gift certificate for their concession stand?
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    Maybe I'll just make a coupon and set a limit for price on it- then let him choose a place and see if he can find a discount or promo at the time. I just remembered that even when he's off house arrest, he will have a strict curfew from the PO for some time period and since this will all have to revolve around how things are going with PO, I better not lock too much in.

    Witz, I just read your quote- I like it!
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    I am a member of a local credit union. They offer significant discounts to purchase admission coupons to our local movie theaters. We always buy tickets in advance to have them whenever we want them. They are good for up to a year.

    Also, our local chamber of commerce offers a discount to purchase "gift certificates" redeemable at local estiblishments. The discount is 20% off the face value. This can be used for purchasing the tickets and the concessions.

    Just a few ideas that might be worth checking out.

    The gifts you have planned for difficult child sound great. I hope he enjoys everything,