any1 have natural suggestions for ANXIETY?

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    Are there any natural ways to help with anxiety? My daughter strongly dislikes medicine of any kind, tylenol chewables or liquid, pepto bismol, basically all medications.

    She has lots of anxiety at school, church, home, birthday parties, everywhere we go. Does anyone know of a way I can help her with her anxiety. I have talk to her and tried comforting her when she gets anxiety and we have also talked when she is in good spirits.

    I am clueless at what to do! Any suggestions?

    Thanks Jessica
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    Calms Forte for Children made by Hylands. Chammomile; Boiron makes one called Sedalia.

    Helping to lower the triggers that makes her anxiety high is very important. Missy gets anxiety during the holidays. I stopped decorating until the week before the holidays, to avoid the build up over weeks. She does much better now.

    Has she been evaluation'd for a Sensory Integration Disorder? Perhaps some Occupational Therapist (OT) may be in order.
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    She has only been seen by a mental health psychologist and she was no help at all! I have often thought that Occupational Therapist (OT) would be good for her. In order to get Occupational Therapist (OT) through the the school, we would need to go through the whole process and have her evaluated by the school district right? We are waiting on an appointment. with Developmental Behavior Pediatrics.

    I wouldn't say her anxiety is geared towards any certain time of the year but throughout the year rather. I have several friends tell me she is a 5 yr old worry wart! They are close friends of mine and there kidding of course. She worries night and day about things you wouldn't typically worry about especially a 5 yr old.

    If I was a doctor, I would diagnose her with anxiety, ODD, and Sensory Integration Disorder (SID) (sensory issues). Sensory integration disorder, can you have trouble smelling things or is it possible to have a very good "sniffer"
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    my old dr. taught me how to control an axiety attack with breathing. she stepped me through breathing short fast breaths, bringing on an attack (although i was skeptical, it worked, i even had tears) then she stepped me through breathing one away by slowing taking a large deep breath, hold it in and count to 10 then slowly let out the breath, hold it, count to 10 again and repeat. and most importantly remove yourself (in your case, your child) from the situtation triggering the anxiety.

    i know it's not exactly the type of advice u may have been looking for, but the breathing tecnique really works. i used it often during my divorce :eek:)
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    Be glad to visit with you about this...via email (

    in wellness

    doctor Bob
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    This is my first post and I am new to the forum. If I have done something wrong please let me know. My son is three and in Special Education preschool. We think he may also have anxiety and they make him social books to read 10x a day so when the situation comes he is more ready for it. Like right now he has a book on potty in the pot and riding the school bus and they are getting ready to make him one about going to summer school. They said that they still have teenagers who use these social books to read for interviews, test, prom, etc... Might give it a try and see if it helps. Just type up a story on your computer with a little picture on each page and have her read it or you read it to her a whole bunch of times. Today my son started reading his book by himself even though he still peeing on the floor and not in the pot!
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    Hi Jessica. As a long-term anxiety sufferer, my first question would be if you have any idea at all about what is triggering her anxiety? In my experience, it's either environmental/situational (holidays, speaking in public, family issues, etc), physical (low stress threshold - that's me :) ), or anxiety-like symptoms are exhibited by other issues (allergies or other illnesses).

    What you do about them is based on the root cause. There are tried and true holistic methods of dealing with anxiety, but that's assuming it is anxiety. Even then (like in my case), CBT and other non-medication solutions don't work (I have to take medications to raise my stress threshold). If it's another illness/issue that displays anxiety-like symptoms, then many/most of the common non-medication anxiety relief solutions won't work.

    If it's truly an issue that worries you, I would respectfully suggest that you see a pediatrician doctor to help you figure out what's going on.

  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Find someone trained in EMDR and trauma therapy - and have her get RID of the problem for good.

    It is doable - I am living proof.

    Attack free for almost 6 months.