Anybody here a "landlord"?

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    We bought a property right about four years ago that butts up to mother in law's farm. It's a really nice house, and we even considered moving into it at one time. I'm sure it was a good investment, as there are now two different accesses to the 30 acres that she owns. One of these days the farm will probably be sold (as much as I hate it), but the cost of farming is really low compared to the land value, so....

    We have had several renters, and they ALL make me want to scream. We have two women that are moving in in a couple of weeks. I gave them a HUGE break on the deposit so they could paint, etc. instead of me doing it (their choice). I swear she called me yesterday and told me there were two light bulbs out. I said GO BUY SOME MORE! Thank goodness I spelled all of this "common sense" stuff out in the lease. I even had to point it out.

    The last guy that was renting left in the middle of the night, owed us a bunch of money, and left all of his crappy furniture there. We had to dump most of it. The reason he owes us money is because husband told me he was going to be in charge because I was too mean. (Asking for rent when it was due.) Shame on me!

    Listen when someone tells you not to be a landlord, LOL!

    When will we learn?
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    My mom and step dad were landlords for many many years. They spelled everything possible out in the lease........including monthly surprise inspections to be certain the property was being maintained. If not the renter was subject to immediate eviction. My mom and step dad were hard nosed and didn't take any bull.......learning fast that if you do you often get burned in a big way. They were excellent about repairs and the like. Once I recall them evicting a renter for not informing them the hot water heater broke/ruptured and flooded the basement. They were furious over that one.

    They were indeed releaved when they finally decided to sell the properties. The worse renters they had by far? Family. I rented one house and kept it spotless. Stepdad's kids rented 2 of the properties and trashed them both so completely he had to remodel them. ugh

    They learned never to let renters do the "fixing up" even painting. Tended to come back and bite them in the fanny one way or another every darn time.
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    I've been in the real estate rental business for years.

    Are you using the standard landlord/tenant lease for your state? That usually covers most issues. You can certainly add an addendum (which we always do) that includes other details.

    Years ago if your tenant didn't pay the rent and you gave them sufficient notice (usually in the form of a "Pay or Quit" notice), you could take possession of your property by changing the locks and giving them a certain amount of time to come and get their stuff or it was yours. A really good incentive for them to pay.

    Now a days, a landlord has to file and take the tenant to court - in our state it is illegal to lock a tenant out without a court order - which kinda hoovers because by the time you get to court you could be out several months rent and it costs you overtime you file. And, even if you win, you can't get blood out of a turnip!!! Usually we just get a vacate order.

    We had a tenant, who moved into the downstairs of a row house about 3 months ago. He called the office yesterday morning and said, "The front hall light hasn't worked since about a week after I over in. I think the bulb burned out. Could you come and replace the bulb or bring me a ladder to borrow?" The secretary and I had a good laugh when we listened to the message. We have approximately 100 tenants. Imagine the time we have!!!

    Just a side note, just because you put something in a lease and both of you sign it, doesn't make it legal. You have to abide by the tenant/landlord laws in your state.

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    Yep, Sharon, here we have to evict, give notice, etc. Most times, though, they just run out in the middle of the night. I know the "lease" wouldn't necessarily hold up in court.

    It just cracks me up what people come up with. I'll bet if I called the bank that holds my mortgage and told them I had a light bulb out they would be out here the next day, LOL!

    I can't imagine having more than two or three tenants. Someone would be in jail.
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    It can be a real pain, but boy do I have some good stories!!!!!!!