Anybody Know About Seeking Grants?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Feb 18, 2008.

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    I'm probably going to help husband out by trying to find grant $$'s available for his trails organization. They have found matching grants for the local government to use to get some trails built a couple of years ago.

    Any suggestions on specific books, periodical searches etc.?

    Seems like somebody in the CD family always knows something about
    every subject. I could use a sense of direction. DDD
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    Those commercials for that crazy guy Les Something or other - I have his books and he has information about grants in there. What are you looking for specifically?

    Also - call any local university and ask for the grant writing department head. They may use it as a class project???? Just a thought.
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    In Indiana there is an organization that prints a reeeeally big book of grant providers. It is called Indiana Grantmaker's Alliance. You might see if there is a similar organization in your state and if so, your local library should have a copy of the book. I have other information and links but it is in my grant file at work. Otherwise, I would suggest searching under *yourstate* grants and see what pops up.

    If you want more information, pm me and I'll grab that file at work tomorrow and see what I've got.
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    Thanks for the guidance. I'll head to the library and see if there are good reference materials there.

    The organization is a 501C3 (tax free, non profit) Association that is dedicated to promoting the development of trails throughout our County to eventually interconnect with abutting County trails. The trails are for bikes, walking, hiking, horseback and canoeing. Previously grants have been identified (matching grants primarily) for portions of development and also to fund publication preparation.

    This summer I accessed information for presentation to a local tourist development committee and :redface: this week husband was notified that $3500
    is available to refine that information and then the publication of that brochure will be undertaken by the entity to be shared with tourists.

    Cool, huh? LOL

    Because it is positive for the environment, promotes health among the citizenry and adds ammenitites for the community..there are alot of possible arenas that might have funds available. I hope. DDD
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    If you need any help writing the grant, let me know. I've written a few myself and taken a two day grant writing class.