anybody know any good nanny agencies>

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  1. muttmeister

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    I'm still considering what I am going to do to make some money for a 2 to 5 years. I really don't want to go live with older difficult child, although they have asked me. That probably means fast food or some other similar job if I go there and they really don't have room for me.

    As I've been examining the choices, I've decided I would like to become a live-in nanny. I'm a retired teacher with a master's degree; I've raised 2 kids; I'm definitely qualified. I've talked to several people who have actually been there done that and it sounds like something I'm qualified for, I could do without losing my mind, and would give me enough money for what I need. There are lots of nanny agencies online but I don't trust them. They want you to pay a fee and there is no guarantee you'll ever hear from them again. I did get the name of a reliable agency in the Washington D.C. area from a friend who actually was placed by them and I did apply. I can basically relocate anywhere, as long as it is a live-in position. I would prefer to go east, rather than west but that is not carved in granite.

    If any of you have experience with any reliable agencies, either as nannies or as consumers, please let me know as I need to apply with more than one agency if I hope to get a job.

  2. InsaneCdn

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    not all live-ins are advertised through agencies... at least, around here, MANY are not.
  3. DammitJanet

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    They list Nanny's, caregivers, babysitters and even dog sitters I think. Now I know they do background checks but that wouldnt be a problem. I think its even better if you have your own car and your experience in education would really be a plus.
  4. compassion

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    I am doing a very good tutoring job through Sittercity (online). They do not charge if you are responding to an ad. They feature all kinds of caregivng jobs, but mainly babysitting/nannies.
  5. muttmeister

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    janet, I will check them out but I think they do charge a fee.
    InsaneCdn, all 3 of the ladies I talked to who had actually been nannies suggested going through a reputable agency because, not only do they check out the nannies thoroughly, they also check out the parents to be sure that they are placing you in a safe and sane environment.
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    I have never used them...obviously but it wouldnt surprise me if they charge a fee, however it may be that the fee is to the person wanting a caregiver. If you are willing to do all your own pre-hire work like the background checks, the fee may not be as much or none at all.

    I dont know, other than that all I can think of his putting ad's on craigslist or contacting local homeschooling clubs in that area and see if there is someone who wants a Nanny to help homeschool.