Anybody know how to cook London Broil?

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    Without using the barbeque. I don't trust my barbequing skills as I've never done it before, so I want to use the oven or the broiler. Which is best? And for how long should I cook it? I want to make sure it doesn't come out too tough but I don't want it bloody either. I will be making it for my boyfriend tomorrow night.
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    Hey, you might want to search this on this site....I actually think someone discussed this...maybe around the holidays??? I can't remember but I have only been here since last summer/fall and so it is within this year, I really think it was here...if you can't find it and I am right, I bet those people are still here. (why do I remember??? because I am a lousy cook and I actually wondered what it even was!)
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    Due to how it is cut, it's really tough to cook it and NOT have it tough. Hmm. Let me dig in my recipes and get back to you...
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    You need to put it in temperature meat in strong sealing plastic bag and marinade of your choice. The bag should be flipped over so each side has been exposed to marinade for about the same number of hours. If you're not able to grill then the only other method I've used is a broiler pan in the oven. It's a little tricky to make sure it is cooked enough but doesn't burn. London broil is not cooked well done. Usually it is medication rare.

    When it comes out of the oven put on a solid surface and "let it rest". It's necessary with this cut of meat because it is not naturally juicy or tender. When preparing to serve it make sure you cut it cross grain (on the diagonal) in very very thin slices. Yummmmmm! Good luck. DDD
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    I LOVE London Broil. Grew up on it. After ruining way too many of them, I started using a meat thermometer. I've got a great digital one you can get for less than $20. I don't know how much the regular ones are, but most supermarkets sell them. Make sure to get one because I could tell you to cook it for about 20 minutes at 350 because that's what mine usually go for, but For your cut it could be totally wrong. how thick is your cut? 1 inch, 2 inches? less? more? Makes a huge difference, so get the thermometer. I cook to 120 degrees because we like it bloody. YUM! Sliced thin with an electric knife, cooked like this, it's always tender. Go to about 130 for a nice pink.

    Yes, marinade is important. I go very simple. Prick the thing with a fork and shake on Worcester sauce on. Let sit half an hour, flip repeat. This also gives it a chance to get to room temp so you get more even cooking. Also, if you have a rack cook this on a rack. When you do this, you don't have to flip it during cooking. If you don't have a rack flip at about 100 degrees. I actually use the rack that came with my toaster oven.
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    London broil is best if marinated ovenight. You should score both sides with a knife in a diamond pattern before placing in marinade. This will prevent the piece from curling when its cooked. Preheat your oven broiler. Place on a broiling pan about 7 inches from coil. Broil 10 min per side depending on thickness. Check with meat thermometer if needed. Remove fom oven, cover and let it rest7-10 min for juices to redistribute and slice against the grain for tender pieces.
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    Thanks, ladies, but I went on a shopping trip at my lunch break and they didn't have london broil at the supermarket. I don't really feel like going to another store to find it so I got pork chops instead. Maybe I'll try a different market next time.
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    I always put it in the crock pot, poured 1 entire bottle of bbq sauce on top......came out like butter. I forget the exact length of time I had it in for but I sliced it thin and put it on rolls. I called it bbq'd beef sanwiches, very hearty.