Anybody know who I am?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jerri, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Jerri

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    Hi all,
    Was talking to one of my Son's friends, and she is having her son tested next week, so I told her I would get her some information. So thought I would post and say "Hi" and see if anyone here knows me? LOL Hugs N Love!!! *smooches*[/
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    OMG!!!!! Hello there, stranger! How are you *doing*?????? So glad you popped in. Update us.
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    I remember you. :)
  4. TerryJ2

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    I'm not sure ... I can't keep track of "real" names and board names. How old was the original board?
    Anyway, welcome back!
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    Hi!!!!! Great to see you!!! I was new here when you were leaving, but I remember you from then and the archives. it is awesome to see you again!!
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    Well hey there stranger! glad to see another old-timer checking Abbey just posted over in watercooler yesterday and now here you are. Some of us just never leave...lmao. What is that Sugarland song? Stuck like
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    I know who you are as I have been on and off Board since 1999 under various names. Hope all is well.
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    I remember you. How are you doing? Update please.

    Love, Esther
  9. Nancy

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    Hi Jerri! I just saw this since I don't read much in General anymore. We graduated to the Substance Abuse forum now. Remember all those years I worried about her lying, stealing, being defiant, school problems, etc, etc? Well now it's alochol, drugs and homelessness.

    I know I have an invite from you to linkedin but I don't really use it at all and just registered so I could see husband's.

    It seems so long ago that we began posting here a lifetime ago. I hope things are going well.

  10. Djane

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    Hello Jerri. I am living in Michigan, and don't even know where to start. My son is currently in the IEP program here since 7th grade. He has failed most classes but is a brilliant child. He talks all the time about what he learns in school. He is loving, and full of life and imagination. He is now in Ninth grade going on 15 next month. I'm lost. I have been trying everything to help him with school and feel as though the school is not supportive or just plain negative because he Quote "Is not like the other children his age" I have met many times with a group of people from school regarding his IEP. NOthing is changing. The poor guy just thinks he is a loser. They tell me I don't push him enough...or the most common is "Maybe his medication for ADHD needs to be changed" He is now finishing up on 9th grade failing 3 classes. He has worked so hard. They do good with him for about a week or two after I meet with them...then everything goes back to the way it was. A negative resource teacher, teachers who don't respond till its to late or just plain don't want to have to deal with all the special needs. I email, go in for meetings, ask for help, but they always give me excuses that they are doing there job correctly. Yet I catch them all the time in errors. I have been threatened that maybe they should get their lawyer involved because I ask to many questions, or doubt that the IEP is working. So many things I could say...but right now I am reaching for any help or guidance on where to start. Because I thought I had to go through the school only,,and that after 3 years has gotten me no where. I have moved from South Florida where my son was abused in the system and came back to my home state knowing I could get him into this amazing public school where I felt he would have a better chance...but after 3 years of failure, I know I must be doing something wrong. I have been given the impression from the school that it is my fault. I'm at a loss and really begging for someone to help me help my amazing son. He is so talented, and has dreams of being in theater (which he is amazing at) but he is losing out on his education and I feel as though he is just being shoved around at the school.

    Hoping you can help direct me - Regards, Deborah
  11. keista

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    Welcome Djane!

    First, this is an oldish thread. Please start your own so more ppl will be inclined to stop by, read and post heir support input (yeah, just copy and paste)
    You mentioned ADHD. Are there any other dxes (diagnoses)? Have there been any evaluations for anything else, any other possible dxes? What kind so of services accommodations are in the IEP? You know they threaten you with their lawyer just to make you back off, right? Personally I would say, "Yes, please do bring your lawyer in and he/she can tell you that you are breaking the law by not following the IEP and not servicing my child adequately. Hmmmmmmmm maybe I should find a lawyer of my own"

    Many states have parent advocates for this purpose. They offer free services funded via grants. Just need to hunt them down in your area. By me internet search for them yields nothing, but they are at the top of the list of service providers that Early Steps (every area has this) refers ppl to.