Anyone afraid of their grown son

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Madelyn, May 7, 2015.

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    I posted under general because I'm new to this. I would appreciate anyone reading it and commenting.
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    Hi Madelyn,

    I moved your original post from General Parenting to Parent Emeritus
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    Oh, yes! I have lived in fear of my life for many years, before we were evicted and he had to find his own place-which still hasn't really happened. It's a long story but if you look for my posts and can be bothered to wade through them, you will find my experience.

    I was truly terrified, but so unable to act and so much in denial and enmeshed that I even took him back in to live with me after he put me in the hospital (ICU) for 5 days with a bleed on the brain. That was the first time he went to jail.

    It didn't start out that way, of course. But abuse is progressive . However he was SO confident of his ability to crush me, that even after he got out of jail, he would rage and threaten to kill me. That's when I began to carry my cell phone and car keys with me at all times (sweatshirts with pockets are good for this) and if he even got within 5 feet of me, I'd call the cops.

    Horrible to think we would end up fearing our OWN CHILDREN! But it happens.

    Hugs to you-the consequences of you living in fear of him can be MUCH worse (even fatal) than the other way around.
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    Thank you, I will read your posts. You are right, my cell and car keys are never out of reach. Phone stays in pocket. Yesterday I got a stunn gun and pepper spray.
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    Since I moved your original post there are now 2 under Parent Emeritus. Make sure you check both as you have feedback on the other as well.
    I like the "new" name you picked.
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    Thank you!