Anyone do AT&T Family plan who can find annual free phone switch choices?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Oct 15, 2012.

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    Last November Texas easy child added me to their family cell phone pln and I got a simple flip phone. She told me that every year I can switch phone free of charge. I forgot to ask her to pull up the site showing me the choices. Of course, LOL, she was cooking, shopping, singing and playing games all weekend.

    I don't know the account # but wonder if one of you can access that site choice page and post it for me to browse. difficult child#1 thinks I need something snazzy. I think the snazziest thing I could handle would be a flip with a querty. Can't imagine me moving the screen all over with a finger tip. Anyway IF it is possible to share/post the choice I'd appreciate it. No big hurry. I have until mid November and she'll be sure I get to see them all. My Texas easy child gs showed me his iphone and assured me "you'll get the hang of it". Hmmm...don't think so. DDD
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    I didnt think I would get Tony to understand a smartphone either but now he loves it. Get an iPhone. Not the iPhone 5 but get the iPhone 4, that is snazzy enough for you and is probably free now.
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    RE are ALL those phones AT&T free plan switch outs? Yikes it looks like a zillion of them and I really don't want our easy child to have to pay anything extra for a switch out....honestly I can stay with what I have it the others cost more. DDD
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    You can call AT&T from your phone - usually 611 - and they will tell you what phones are available for free and what comes at a cost. They may need to have difficult child's permission to "deal" with you, but there's no reason that they can't talk to you. I'd get online and look at their site while they're talking to make sure I understood what they're saying. If there is a particular feature that you often use, make sure that the new phone has that feature. My bugaboo is "one touch dialing". I have to be able to hit 1 button and say "Call home" and have it go from there. None of this "hit main, then enter, then options, then voice dial" stuff.

    FWIW, M has had issues from time to time with the phone that we have for him. When he calls the provider they put him on hold and call and ask for permission from me to speak to him about this or that. We're 2,500 miles apart, so it works for us. ;)
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    DDD, I think Witz has a good idea for you. I just posted a page of all the phones AT&T offers, not the ones offered as upgrades for you. It all depends on the plan your daughter has and what phone you presently have, I believe. When I went on the AT&T website it has option to put in your account number and it will tell you all about the upgrades available on your account. You might try to get the account number and do that.
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    You guys are right. I'll just ask easy child to send me the screen showing choices. Witz I hadn't even thought about checking out a phone that let's me verbalize instead of enter numbers. That would be cool especially if I'm in the car so I don't get diverted. Naively I was just thinking all five member family plans were the same. Lordy, Lordy where did that very sophisticated woman inside to??? Thanks DDD