Anyone ever feel really hot then pass out?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Jan 14, 2014.

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    I'm not talking about hot flashes either :)

    Seriously. Sunday I felt fine and was walking to the garage to get my car when suddenly my vision started to fade and, at the same time, I felt an incredibly hot, tickly flash on the lower half of my body. Never felt anything like that before. I made it inside and told hubby to call 911 then collapsed on the couch where the hot flash happened again, this time radiating up to my back. It was hard to stay conscious.

    Anyhow...when the first responders came my blood pressure was a little high, which had never happened to me before. Think it was 149/91. I had a lowgrade fever, which I also usually don't get. I popped a few tranquilizers. By the time I got to the hospital, I felt a lot better. They did bloodwork and a chest x-ray and the emergency room doctor, most of whom I don't, told me it was probably near syncopal episode vasovagal in origin. He sent me home. My hart and neurological mini-testing was normal. I felt fine, even worked out at the gym later on.

    But, being high anxiety, the episode is haunting me, especially the way my body got hot and tingly and traveled to the higher part of my body. I find I'm sort of afraid to be alone and I'm not convinced t hat the doctor diagnosed right. I do have an appointment. to see my doctor on Friday. Until then, I'm kind of scared to go out.

    Has anyone else ever had an episode like this? Seems like it semi-traumatized me (it doesn't take The sort of hot flash made me think something really serious was going on. I don't think this had anything to do with my anxiety problems. I was not nervous when it hit. It came on very suddenly.

    Thanks for anyone who can respond. I realize there may not be anyone who can relate, but I decided to post anyway since it is bugging me.
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    Sounds very scary. I have never experienced anything like that. I would be nervous about it as well.
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    Many years ago I had "episodes" where I passed out for no apparent reason. I did not have the hot flashing you described, I just went down quickly, but I was conscious, just not able to keep my body upright. The Dr. said it was a 'septic' episode where some infection in the body gets in to the bloodstream quickly and you pass out. Ultimately we found what caused it and the episodes stopped, but it was creepy so I understand your anxiety about it. I'm glad you're seeing your regular Dr. on Friday. I have also fainted as a result of very low blood sugar...........I don't know if that is a factor for you.........I am hypoglycemic.
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    Thanks for answering. I am supposed to volunteer today and it's snowing and I'm still a little shaky over that episode, but the doctor's nurse (my own) told me it wasn't serious or they would not have let me go home and to go out and live life. Knowing me, with a past history of agoraphobia, it's best. So I'm braving the snow and going out. Hope I don't slide into a ditch! :)

    Appreciate your response.
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    I'm not sure what causes those type "episodes" but I've had them my entire life though not as often or severe as when I was a child or during pregnancy. During pregnancy would happen all the time walking down hallway when hadn't eaten anything that day yet, not sure if it was no food or light that flickered at end of that hallway or both. Plaid type carpet with clashing stripes on the wall in that hallway that would bring me to my knees daily also. As a kid learned to avoid strobe lights or dancing lights (car lots, snack bar at movies etc.) Still avoid tunnels at all costs when driving.

    I noticed often the fear of injury when passing out would throw me into a whopper of a panic attack so when I feel one coming on I immediately will go to the floor and sit with head down and eyes closed until it passed, and a glass of juice would help recovery time after an episode. Going down more controlled beats losing 20 minutes of day and whatever I hit head on or broke on my way down, out cold.

    Wish I could be more helpful but none of the doctors I've seen could pinpoint the problem; I think of them as kind of a sugar/light combo related seizure.

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    Years ago, I used to get episodes like that, especially if I went from cold to hot. I would feel very hot in my face and then everything would go black for a few minutes - it was probably seconds but it felt like much longer. Then the blackness would fade out and my vision would return. I never lost consciousness. After awhile, I got to feel the signs, like with a migraine coming on, and I would get off the subway or beg for a seat till it passed. Once, I passed the whole episode clutching on the pole in the middle of the subway car, praying the perverts didn't realize I was blind. Sometimes, if I sat down soon enough, I could avoid the blackness. When the episode was over, I would be so tired and I would sleep for hours. The doctors told me it was vasovagal syncope...
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    This may sound overly simple, but are you getting enough fluids? Anything that's a diuretic doesn't count because it goes out as quickly as it goes in. I don't know that it should be a huge worry if it's something that only happens once, but you definitely need to be hyper-aware of yourself before you get into a car.

    If it happens again, you really need to talk to your doctor about what conditions are safe for your to drive, and of course to see what it is that might be going on.
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    Thanks to both of you. Witz, the ER doctor asked if I was dehydrated. I didn't think so and I don't think they found that, but duly noted. I am drinking more water. Svengali, that sounds a lot like what happened to me. And actually I had just stepped outside from our warm house into frigid cold so that could be the trigger.I was also told I had vasovagil syncope.

    I have a doctor's appointment. on Friday. I have felt good since that episode, but I'm pretty proactive about my health and don't let things slide. Seems like the biggest problem is that the episode kicked up my anxiety, but I'm forcing myself to continue my life as usual, including my workouts since my heart was fine and working out never made me feel sick.

    Thanks to all :)
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    I get similar episodes. Triggers for me are certain lighting, going from somewhere that's hot to somewhere that's cold, standing or sitting too long, standing up too fast, and doing some exercises. My diagnosis is neurally mediated syncope. My blood pressure drops then my brain panics because it isn't getting blood so then I have a panic attack making my heart beat too fast and causes my blood pressure to go high. One of the things my doctor told me is to always have water with me to drink. Drinking water helps keep your blood pressure from dropping too much. Hope you don't have any other episodes.
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    The body is a strange thing and often does strange things, in my opinion. Sudden changes in blood pressure can be the pits. I have had this happen a couple of times pretty much the way svenghandi described without the subway. Of course I used to have strange blackouts where I was conscious and could, if I leaned on something, stay upright, but I could not see or tell how much time passed. Friends said it was always under a minute. Docs said what they often say to me, "huh. That's odd." and pretty much left it at that.

    What do they suggest you DO about this syncope? Mine wasn't a major problem, just a short episodic thing that was overshadowed by other things. I do think drinking water is a good thing, but in the moment ANY liquid would likely help.

    I am sorry it is a problem for you
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    Sus, I went to the doctor. She had all my tests from the emergency room and everything came back "good."

    Both she and I think it probably has to do with the fact that the few weeks before the episode, I had gotten a new bottle of generic Paroxatene (Paxil) and it looked different from the old generic. It's a long story, but I ended up taking the wrong medication instead of Paxil for a little while. I had brain zaps and felt nauseaus and weak, but I didn't know I wasn't taking the right medication. This episode happened two days after I was back on the Paroxatene and I have felt excellent since then, even worked out hard after coming back from ER (probably not smart, but I felt fine).

    This type of syncope is common and if I feel one coming one it helps to flex your muscles and, of course, lay down. We are taking a wait and see approach because my EKG was very good and so was the bloodwork. Also, I usually feel in very good shape. If it happens again, we will explore.
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    I had something similar happen to me today. I was at my brothers house, we were just sitting down playing video games. At some point i started feeling extremely hot and nauseous, so I took my hoodie off and told my brother i was going to go outside to get some fresh air. I stood up and took a few steps, and my vision started going black, i couldn't hear well and after a few seconds i remember saying "woah" before i fell to the ground and went unconscious. After like 10 seconds i woke to find myself laying on the floor barely hearing and not being able to move well. I laid there for a while and finally stood up and I was feeling ok. It's so worrying because i ate, drank, and did everything as I usually would and this happened out of nowhere. What should i do?
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    Oh, also. Blood pressures and all the various blood levels that i don't understand were ok
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    Hi ReallyWorried, this is an old thread you are responding to.
    I am sorry for your experience, that is scary. I would check with your physician. People can pass out for all kinds of reasons and it is important to figure out. Was anyone with you when this happened?
    Not to scare you, but my grandson had a seizure probably due to photosensitivity triggered by a video game. Take care, I hope you figure this out.
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    This is a very I old thread of mine.

    I think you need to see a doctor ASAP. Sorry this happened to you.
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    Last night I felt nauseous, so I got up out of bed and walked towards the bathroom. An intense hot sensation suddenly filled my head and body. The bathroom was occupied, so I made my way back to my bedroom, when a second wave of heat occurred. The next thing I recall is my wife comforting me. I had fallen unconscious and hit my head on the floor quite hard. Today I am having dizzy spells; the room looks as though it is spinning. Now, my anxiety is high, because something is wrong with me.
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    Kev, you should go to the doctor and be checked out. How is your head? That is also concerning.
  19. SomewhereOutThere

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    Definitely take good care of yourself and go to a hospital. You are worth it.
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    I know, this is still an old subject. But I'm really hoping someone had more insight into this or knows of any other chat or support on this subject. I've dealt with this too. I've had an episode in 3rd grade, 2 in senior year, one when I was about 23, and another about a week ago (I'm 38 now). I usually get a wave of hot flushing my entire body. I will start to feel nauseous, and then I will pass out. I have been told it had looked like a seizure from witnesses when I was in grade school. When I was 23, my husband said I had stopped breathing when I passed out. I usually feel weak and nauseous for the rest of the day with weird waves of heat, cold sweats consuming me. I have had heart and brain tests with no luck with finding what this is. There doesn't seem to be a common denominator to this. I really would like to know, did anyone figure out what was going on with them??